Lets go first rank 25

2021.09.16 21:27 Specialist-Lie-8780 Lets go first rank 25

Lets go first rank 25 So i got my first rank 25 edgar i dont have the game but lets go i was 10 trophies away but took first.

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2021.09.16 21:27 Broken-Soul-0 .

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2021.09.16 21:27 shawnshine Switchfoot - This Is Your Life

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2021.09.16 21:27 Radiant-Pressure1920 Eyepiece projection astrophotography with zwo asi120mc-s

What adapter or what would i need to do eyepiece projection astrophotography with this camera. Thank you.
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2021.09.16 21:27 RoundOfToast 8th company

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2021.09.16 21:27 Tigers89Stonks I need some opinions

I’m a couple wins away from 30 RS wins. I’m gonna try and get it all done by tmrw, should I sell the most expensive person and save for Bellinger ? Or should I sell the reward, buy Vlad Sr back and use the leftover stubs for something needed, or keep the reward (prob JV)
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2021.09.16 21:27 mxchll Loco - Nicest Guy of the Year with Loco @ Get Real S2 Ep. #8 (210916) [ENG SUB]

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2021.09.16 21:27 RLCD-Bot [Crimson Dominus] [Saffron Dominus: OR-AISE] [Ghost Trap] [Saffron Neo-Thermal] [Cassette]

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2021.09.16 21:27 Thomaztst Legacy edition and Conmebol teams

Does anyone know if the Fifa 22 legacy edition will have the conmebol teams? It didn't have them in the last games... Thanks!!
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2021.09.16 21:27 matthewreiter73 Beautiful phone

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2021.09.16 21:27 finnduino добро пожаловать в Хельсинки

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2021.09.16 21:27 neOh_st Exodus background

We are the Legion. And we are one.
Operatives, who can tell me a little more information about our brother - an elite sniper named Exodus? In the RU community, a version is now popular that he is supposedly the third brother of Alpharius and was found by Horus in the trash clusters of Mercury. This is probably a fake, because in the Head of the Hydra (I read twice) there is not a word about such an event, but still I would like to know a little more about the Exodus and his history
Hydra Dominatus
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2021.09.16 21:27 Efficient_Space_8772 All of us had our shirts over our noses!

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2021.09.16 21:27 christinexsarah Just adopted this cutie. Was told she’s a Mini Pin/Chihuahua mix but I don’t think that’s accurate. Her coloring almost looks like an Austrian Pinscher?

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2021.09.16 21:27 AnythingMasterGabe Ace Attorney Games Ranked

I don’t have a game tier list, but I think that this is a better way of going over my favorite and least favorite AA games anyway. I’ve only been an AA fan since summer 2020 (it was one of the best games to play in 2020 after all), but I feel like a lifelong fan. I still feel plenty of nostalgia whenever I hear the Turnabout Sisters Theme or other themes. So, without further ado, here are my rankings of AA games. Since I haven’t played the Professor Layton crossover, it will be excluded.
10: Ace Attorney: Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (Sigh) Ok, Investigations 1 was bad. The story of the whole Cohdopian Smuggling Ring was boring, and Quercus Alba was a bad villain. The Yatagarasu was interesting and all, but it was ultimately a minor plot point compared to the smuggling ring. The characters weren’t bad, but they don’t really develop until AAI2. Even Edgeworth doesn’t develop much. Speaking of Edgeworth, he’s really just there to solve the mysteries. The story doesn’t affect him because the story isn’t personal to him. Ultimately, my inability to get into AAI1’s story really hurts my opinion of it. So yeah, it’s at the bottom.
9 Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney I know I’m about to get roasted, but just hear me out. I am not a fan of AJ:AA. The story was an interesting concept, but it was poorly executed. The story had little to do with Apollo, with the only Apollo-related plot point being the whole Thalassa plot and the fact that he and Trucy are half-siblings. This is really just a footnote, however, and the main plot revolves around Phoenix’s disbarment and Kristoph. In the end, Phoenix takes over completely and solves the final case for Apollo. Speaking of 4-4, my feelings for it are very mixed. It’s not a bad case, but it barely involves Apollo. On the second trial day, Apollo presents one piece of evidence and perceives one tell. Overtaken never plays once. Phoenix does the rest of the case for him. Cornered plays more times than Overtaken. Kristoph wasn’t a bad villain, though.
8 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All This is a controversial pick. The trilogy is great, but JFA is easily the weakest trilogy game. 2-4 is a fantastic case, but it doesn’t have much else. 2-2 was good, but 2-1 and 2-3 are so bad. It lacks an overarching plot; each case feels unrelated. 2-2 is the only case from JFA that connects to a future case, and that case is 3-5. I suppose this is a good thing from a continuity standpoint, but it makes JFA more dependent on T&T. Also, the OST was bad.
7 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice SOJ had easily the most bizarre premise of an AA game. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is certainly a break from what was originally just a courtroom game. SOJ had many good characters, but arguably not enough great characters. Additionally, the game itself was mostly fan service. Fans didn’t like Apollo’s role in DD? Make the entire game about him. Fans don’t like Athena? Make her pretty much absent except for one really shitty case. Fans want Maya to come back? Create a fictional nation of spirit mediums and say that she was training there, while also having her get arrested for murder and kidnapped again. But at least we got Dhurke. A dragon never yields.
6 The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures I don’t dislike any of Adventures’ cases, but none of them wowed me. The game is fully dependent on Resolve, to the point that it ends on a cliffhanger. The pacing was also a problem. The soundtrack was great, though.
5 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies This is the last hot take. Dual Destinies is often considered the worst main series game, with its subpar story and bad villains. Some consider the worst game in the entire franchise. However, I consider it the best post-trilogy game. The premise was still rather strange. However, it had some good cases, especially 5-5. Additionally, it had the “great” characters that SOJ lacked. Athena and Simon are fantastic, and DD didn’t have someone like Nahyuta. The final case was an emotional roller coaster ride, and its soundtrack was also fantastic. DD is not bad.
4 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney The game that started it all. I can’t not like the original Ace Attorney. It set up the Trilogy’s plot while also managing to stand on its own. That’s all I need to say.
3 The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve How did Capcom make such good characters then keep us from meeting them for so long? Resolve has my favorite cast of characters of any AA game. The character arcs are all fantastic. The case kind of became boring, and some of the twists were disappointing. But the characters more than make up for those. And the ending, oh god it’s so good. The Great Ace Attorney. It’s great.
2 Gyakuten Kenji 2 No official translation? No problem. Despite never officially releasing in English, GK2 is a great game. It corrected AAI1’s mistakes by making a plot personal to Edgeworth. It finished many characters’ arcs while also balancing them with new characters. Its cases are also very good. And the final twist and ending are outstanding. Capcom, localize this masterpiece.
1 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations This shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s great. It wraps everything up so nicely. It completes many character arcs, including Phoenix’s, Maya’s, Pearl’s, etc. It also introduces Godot, which is always a plus. The ending is perfect, and the end credits theme always gives me nostalgia. That’s all I have to say. T&T is AA at its best.
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2021.09.16 21:27 BuffaloBuffaloBufalo McDermott getting ready to go in as punt returner

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2021.09.16 21:27 ponishai my friend (15) is friends with a 27 year old man

they've been friends for 3 years, and ive known this from the beginning. i never said anything cause she was ADAMANT that they were just friends and shit. speed run to now, me and this friend have gotten closer and she's incredibly selective with her company. she puts on her story, the guy say something akin the lines of i love you, slightly friendly way, which she returns.

HUGE red flag
i asked her for all the info he had on this guy in the pretense of being like is this guy safe. told her i dont think a guy this age should be talking with her. i asked her if he has asked anything sexual of her to which she said never. i really dont know what to do.
what should i do. i know i trust her but with this dude esp because it spread as a rumour in our school a few years back shes quite uncomfortable to talk about. i dont know if i dug her back into a hole because she's not replying anymore and i have just no idea what to do.
i think telling someone in authority is my last resort completely

and how suspicious is it that this guy removed all his social media? that they met on this weird web chat website? im so torn
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2021.09.16 21:27 BloodMossHunter found a good color combination for easy reading

text color #c2be8f

background #151418
right click, preferences, colors , new scheme
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2021.09.16 21:27 jordan_belfortnite Is the rear hatch on the same circuit as the radio?

2002 T4R SR5 automatic.
The door ajar dash light has been on for months. I turned the rear dome light off and have been ignoring it until today. I shut the hatch on my way home from work and after a second or two the radio cut out. The clock and dome light aren't working either and the door ajar dash light is now off. I replaced the 15A fuse labeled DOME under the hood since it was blown. A couple seconds after I turned the truck back on the radio cut off again and the new fuse popped.
I'm assuming the wiring for the hatch is shorting out somewhere but I figured I'd ask here for any sage wisdom before I start digging around. Thanks!
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2021.09.16 21:27 corninmyhole Should I return my Moby?

I was gifted a Moby (brand new in box), keaBabies carrier (the gift giver removed the tags- can’t return), and was given a second hand baby carrier with no name brand that looks just like a really long rectangle. Any advice on whether I should keep the Moby, or if it’s basically the same as the other two i received? Or anyone with experience using the styles/brands above that can chime in? Thank you in advance!!
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2021.09.16 21:27 Lucid4321 Government auction site

I mentioned this in a comment in another sub and someone mentioned I should share it here. I work for a state surplus warehouse and post auction items on govdeals.com. One of the most popular items I deal with are TSA knives and multi-tools. If you lost an item going through TSA before boarding a flight, it might end up on the site as an auction and go for well under retail value.
Make sure you read the instructions for each item. My office will help customers with shipping as long as they pay the shipping costs, but some sellers on the site have more limited options and will charge you extra fees for not picking up an auction soon. If you want to see the auctions we post, they're at govdeals.com/stateofalaska.
Also, if you are bidding on a laptop or computer, keep in mind they have been wiped, so you will need to install a new OS on them.
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2021.09.16 21:27 Squatbarcurls Dude posts stuff like this daily on FB

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2021.09.16 21:27 davidemsa BORROWEDTIME for 4K exp (compensation for weekly wins not reseting)

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2021.09.16 21:27 nimobo David Staples: Lockdown restrictions on the fully vaccinated a bitter pill

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2021.09.16 21:27 RepentingSinner Is it normal for a man's voice to become deeper during his 20's?

I am 22 years old and lately I have been noticing that my voice has become significantly deeper than it was. I have lately started working out and taking vitamin supplements. I have also lost some weight too.
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