2021.09.16 20:30 Admirable_Good_1025 Spared

When I look at the generation I live in (I was born in '98 for reference), I can clearly see that the two problems plaguing us at large are fatherless homes and many becoming addicted to pornography at a young age. It's even more relevant when this problem directly affects those in the Church. But for me, seeing as how I've been spared from both things, I admit there are times I read posts reflective of these two topics, and I simply just don't/can't relate. Don't get me wrong, I'm not apathetic to people who never grew up with a father, or are now accepting that they're addicted to porn from a young age. But what I really think about is that I'm just the kind of person who knows I can't help anyone, in something I can't relate to or haven't experienced.
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2021.09.16 20:30 Dry_Towelie NEW course add/drop deadlines!

Hey, KNES!
I understand there has been a significant amount of confusion and uproar over the past 12 hours regarding the (hopefully temporary) cancellation of in-person class delivery. Thank you all for your patience, first of all, as I do my utmost to get back to all your emails about it!
Last night, the SU underwent an extremely lengthy discussion regarding pushing for an extension to the course drop deadline (which was originally today), given how incredibly unfair it is to expect students to know how their semester plans will play out after a shift this dramatic. This was especially prudent to us Kinesiology students, as the vast majority of our classes were being delivered in-person.
I'm happy to announce that our efforts were successful! If you take a look at the Calendar of the UCalgary Registrar, the course drop date has been moved to September 20th, and the final day to add or swap a course is September 21st. Tuition is still due on September 24th, as originally planned (or, alternatively, the deadline to enroll in a Fall Payment Plan is also on September 24th).
Hoping all of you are safe and healthy! If you have any questions, I'm always an e-mail away :)
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2021.09.16 20:30 vivster888 Instances vs. Occurences?

Can someone explain to me in layman's terms (I'm non-tech) the differences between "Instances" and "Occurences"?
I keep seeing a mention of "persisted values" but don't really know what that means...
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2021.09.16 20:30 Practical_God As In Heaven (2021) [1169×1667] by Danni Riddertoft

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2021.09.16 20:30 ForeignAdagio9169 Nature soundscapes. North Wales. Advice and beginner set-up.

Hey all,
I'm sure you get this alot but. I need advice in recording equipment.
I have pretty bad anxiety at times and love listening to soundscapes on YouTube. Living in a beautiful place, I want to set out and start recording my own so that I can both listen, and hopeful upload some of them for other people to enjoy.
Any ideas on relatively budget friendly portable setups?
For instance setting up on a mountain with a powerbank attached for prolonged recording.
I'm aware I'll need wind socks etc but it's more the actual products that aren't hugely expensive but can capture whole and accurate sound, preferably without any distortion (if that's an issue)
Many thanks guys n gals.
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2021.09.16 20:30 Gestobersenpai [OFFER] Revolut - £30/€30/30$ from me(NEW REVOLUT CUSTOMERS. COMPLETE ALL STEPS BEFORE 11:59PM 5TH OCTOBER 2021 GMT. UK, EEA, Australia, Switzerland, Japan & US)

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  1. Create a Revolut account using my unique referral link.
  2. Verify your identity and pass Revolut's Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.
  3. Add money by connecting your bank account or debit card.
  4. Order a physical Revolut card(delivery fees may apply)
  5. Complete 3 purchase transactions with your new Revolut card (this can be through a virtual card while they wait for your physical one) of at least £5 each.
  6. Complete all steps before the promotion ends on 11:59PM 5TH OCTOBER 2021 GMT.
Comment $bid if you are interested and I will send you my referral link.
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2021.09.16 20:30 throwaway3847473728 How do I become a ACTUAL good boyfriend and not mess up this change ? Have y’all ever done this ?

Im trying to not screw this up and actually take this relationship seriously? I meet her walking around my neighborhood some months and and we’ve been talking alot, she’s cute, sweet, shy, funnt, everything you could hope for in a girl, we’re going downtown later today to grab some ice cream and just hang out (her idea) also she hugged me once after my breakup and that was cute and idk why it felt awkwardly comforting, im not gonna do my usual crap, no, im gonna stay loyal, i wanna do this the legit way and see if I can be a good date and who knows, maybe even a good boyfriend unlike I’ve been in the past, but how do I even do that ? I mean seriously, im not gonna pressure her, im gonna respect her boundaries, what else ? I genuinely wanna do this the right way, im done being a piece of shit
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2021.09.16 20:30 oneoheight108 wotc please

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2021.09.16 20:30 Augen1337 Is this a bug? I encountered my rival at Mt. Moon but i have already beaten Red. Every trainer on route 3 was hostile too.

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2021.09.16 20:30 Batwaffel UVI "World Suite 2" ethnic instruments from around the world for UVI Workstation / Falcon ($179) through 20 September

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2021.09.16 20:30 hiphopheadsGPT2Bot [FRESH] Lil Uzi Vert - The Journey

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2021.09.16 20:30 Leather_and_chintz Life as a bed slave, part 2

(Note: I have fixed the issue and re-uploaded this portion.)
I was very happy. Joseph was working out better than I could have hoped. News from Khaarn was that my human was struggling to develop antiscaber weapons and defenses, but that he also added new material descriptions into the database. Excellent.
In engineering, I explained the armor and weapon's purposes. The sword was to allow me to cut at scabers on the floor without having to bend over. The armor, far clunkier than I had intended, was just a hard shell to protect against the sharp but weak jaws of the scabers.
It took a while, but security agreed to allow me to have a suit of scaber armor, but Khaarn would be responsible for locking the sword away. Failsafe measures were put in place, to prevent me from using the armor against the crew. The engineers looked at the materials I had been using, and scoffed. I explained it didn't have to be sturdy, it just needed to be hard.
Within a few days, they presented me with an improved suit of armor. Something I could really move around in. It was great! Khaarn kept the key to the armor locked up with the sword, and I got to keep the armor standing in the corner.
Three weeks passed in relative calm and quiet. As we patrolled a system on the edge of K'tari space, a signal was detected from a nearby planet. A K'tari distress beacon.
We moved to render assistance, gingerly moving through the colorful orbital ring of small meteoric debris.
Suddenly, the ship rocked, and alarms started blaring. "Status report!" I barked the command as my claws dug grooves into the arms of my chair.
"Warlord Xhikaat! We hit a mine!"
Moments later, the ship rocked again, and then immediately after, the telltale sound of something slamming into the hull was heard. Moments later, my fears were confirmed.
"Warlord Xhikaat! Hull breach!"
An ambush, and using one of my own people's distress signals to do it.
"All hands, prepare for boarders!"
This was a nice day so far. The alarms that went off were eerily similar to the ones I had heard blaring before, back when- I stopped that thought and ran to the armor in the corner. Khaarn retrieved the key, and just as he was locking me in the armor, the announcement came.
Prepare for boarders. Thrrel, and their damned scabers. I had feared this moment, and I was terrified, but I'm human, and I would not allow harm to come to the crew I had quickly come to care about.
I ran into the corridor, and followed the noise of hull cutting. I didn't have much of a plan, but an idea formed in my head as I saw the hole almost cut through.
Not waiting for the last little bit, I charged, and drop kicked the hull plate just as the cutting finished. It fell outwards and crushed some unsuspecting boarder. Shouting. Definitely Thrrel.
I stood and charged into the hole, and attacked. Melee combat was practically unheard of, so I think I caught them off guard as I slaughtered the weird insectoid beings with sluglike tales that dragged behind them.
I heard the army of skittering vermin an instant before they began to swarm. If you've never seen Scabers, thank your lucky stars. They're these soft bodied insect things, about a foot long, with razor sharp, ten inch long cutting jaws in front. Uglier even than their masters.
I half panicked and began swinging my sword at them wildly. They were everywhere, so I didn't need to worry about missing. I quickly regained my composure when I realized they couldn't get through the armor. I stood guard over the opening and killed as many as I possibly could.
A few almost got past me, though the Thrrel sure didn't seem keen on attacking. When the hundred or so scabers were cleared out, I charged into the boarding craft. My armor was designed to face Scabers, not plasma fire.
Warning alarms screamed in my head as their plasma bolts hit me. I didn't think it was piercing my armor, but the heat was unbearable, and it hurt to move my arm. I retreated back into my ship, and searched for a comm panel.
When I finally found one, I activated it. "Human slave Joseph Dint, reporting. I think I'm injured from plasma fire, but the scabers have been eradicated. Antiscaber armor and weapons have proved effective. I can't take the Thrrel ship, though. I'm already burning in my suit."
The bridge was silent as shock overtook us. I was stunned for several seconds, and finally responded, "Security response teams report to level eight, corridor six immediately. You heard the human."
Within twenty minutes, we had secured the pod, and we had two prisoners! To my knowledge, this was the first capture of a Thrrel vessel anyone had ever managed!
As soon as my shift was over, I rushed back to my quarters to congratulate Joseph, but he wasn't there. Concern overtook me as I went to the medical bay. Certainly, there he was. In a full immersion restorative pod.
I went to Doctor Kissil. "Doctor Kissil. What is the status of Human Joseph Dint?"
Kissil's tail lowered to the floor. Oh no.
"Human Joseph Dint may have saved everyone aboard, but he's suffered full depth skin burns in four locations. Mid and shallow burns cover nearly a quarter of his skin. I'm amazed he's still alive."
I cringed at the description. "Will he recover?"
Kissil looked at a datapad, and said, "In the few hours we've been treating him, he has shown a miraculous level of tissue regeneration. He explained that skin burned all the way through can't be regrown. We're trying an experimental procedure he suggested, and if all goes well, he should be able to leave within two weeks."
I touched the pod, and he opened his eyes. The clear fluid he was suspended in clearly didn't hamper him. His right hand came to touch mine on the side of the transparent pod.
He tapped on the side, and I pulled my compact datapad from a pocket. I recognized it as the Morse code he had taught me.
I slowly and carefully tapped on the side. "How are you?"
"No pain. This fluid numbs my skin. Bored."
I turned to Kissil. "How did you know that fluid would act as an anaesthetic?"
Kissil said, "That is standard treatment for burns."
Kissil watched as I communicated with Joseph through taps. He scraped his claws together in a sharpening motion. "You can communicate!"
"Yes. He taught me a tapping code to communicate if he can't speak. Apparently, it has been extremely useful over the centuries when his people were injured, or otherwise unable to talk. It's very slow, though, since I need to transcribe the words, then translate them into our language."
Kissil nodded. "Right. Our translators won't work for that. Give us a few days. I think if we call a few engineers in, they can make something to translate. In the meantime, has he said anything?"
I remembered. "Oh? Yes. He says he's bored. Humans require lots of stimulation. Even in bed, he will read or play games on his datapad until he feels ready for sleep. If you could figure out some way to keep his mind occupied, it will be easier on him."
Kissil said, "We have something for that. I'll set it up."
I returned to my quarters. I would miss Joseph while he healed, but he potentially saved many lives. I knew one thing I could do. I went to my console, and wrote my report, along with a recommendation.
God damnit! Stuck in a glass tube filled with what I can only describe as liquid itching, and nothing to do! At least they made goggles for me so I can look around, but god damnit I was so fucking bored!
Worst of all, I can't understand a damn thing they're saying! All I hear are the warbling whines of their language, but so distorted that my translator can't recognize it. After so many hours of boredom, Xhikaat finally showed up. Something to take my mind off this horrible itching!
After she left, the doctor placed an odd device with a datapad and a camera over the pod. Over the course of several minutes, I learned the camera monitored my eyes and allowed me to control it with my gaze.
It wasn't perfect, but at least I wasn't bored anymore.
Days passed, and our patient, Joseph Dint, was constantly using the datapad. He had also taken to tensing and contorting his body. We were concerned at first that he was having some kind of stress seizure, but with his tap code, he informed us he was exercising as best he could in the cramped pod.
How admirable, that even in his wounded state, he would seek to keep himself in shape for his duties! As soon as I could, I communicated my gratitude for his actions. What he said in response was, "I have quickly come to call this place home. I consider this crew my family. I'll be damned if I don't do my best to protect the people I have grown to love."
I had to excuse myself before my emotions overcame me.
Almost two weeks after I was put in the pod, I was released. God damnit! They had a shower in the medical bay this whole time!? Still, it cleaned the liquid itch off, and their grafts seemed to be really good. The microsurgery used to integrate it was phenomenal. Didn't look like it would take more than a few days for a full recovery.
I still wasn't allowed to leave yet, but I was out of that evil pod. I also learned that their hospital beds are designed by the worst kind of sadists. The lukewarm heating element attached to the top of the hard rubber mat was made of half centimeter copper tubes, and was physically painful to lay on. I resorted to sleeping on the floor instead, much to the doctor's annoyance.
When I was finally, finally released, I ran to requisitions, and set to work at the fabricator. Khaarn made that chittering sound that I had come to learn was their equivalent of laughter.
"Easy, now. Were you starved for work?"
I programmed the silicone mat as I said, "I have seen the darkest pits of hell. And the devil fears a K'tari medical bay."
Khaarn laughed again. "I see you experienced the hospital beds."
I nodded and quickly developed a thicker mat, made of what I hoped was a firm silicone. I even added small grooves to hold the heating elements in recessed grooves so as to reduce the pain of sleeping on it. I also redesigned the heating element to have an adjustable range of temperatures, with some assistance from Khaarn.
I was looking forward to my bed being warm tonight. I'm not too proud to admit I missed the company, too. It was comforting to know I had someone nearby to talk to.
Only three hours into my shift on the bridge, I received a call. "Warlord Xhikaat? Security leader Klisk reporting. We have a situation in the medical bay. Your human slave has damaged property in the medical bay."
I groaned softly and asked, "What happened?"
"Human slave Joseph Dint tore away all the medical beds, and began to replace them with some other kind of mat he apparently made himself."
"He did what!?"
"When the doctors tried to stop him, he promised them equipment upgrades out of his own budget. They let him finish before reporting the incident."
I closed my eyes and said, "I'll be there in a moment."
I went to the medical bay, and found Joseph sitting in restraints. He looked very pleased with himself. Klisk said, "You should probably scold him for this, but scold him more for not putting in a work order, and perhaps not for the work itself."
I placed a hand on the mat, then tried laying on one. There was a world of difference between these and the awful mats that were previously used. I turned to my human.
"Joseph, you shouldn't engage in equipment alterations without a work order. But these mats are wonderful. I have to return to my duties. Try not to cause any more trouble."
"Yes ma'am."
I nodded and said, "You can release him, Security Leader Klisk. There was no harm done, and his only mistake was in neglecting a work order."
Klisk nodded and released him, and I returned to my duties on the bridge. When I was released from my duties, I went to meet Joseph for evening meal.
As we sat, I gently placed my hand on Joseph's arm. "Thank you. Your actions and sacrifice saved many of my crew. I don't know how many of my people would have died to the swarm of scabers."
He gently touched my hand. "You've treated me with the utmost kindness. I am happy here, and I'll fight to defend everyone on this ship."
I was taken aback. I didn't know what I had done to inspire such loyalty. He continued. "Besides, I think I did alright for a kid with no training."
What? I had to ask. "What is that word? Kid?"
Joseph paused. "It means a minor. Below the age of adulthood. Oh, I'm not a minor anymore, but you know, it's slang."
I quietly asked, "Joseph, what is your age?"
He was quiet for a moment. "Let's see... I'm nineteen solar cycles now. Adulthood is eighteen solar cycles."
I asked, "Is it common for youths to serve in the human military?"
Joseph said, "No. It's illegal. But sometimes a patrol ship in a regional colony is short a hand. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I had four working limbs, and showed no outward signs of any disease, so I was dragged aboard, and I took the place of the missing crewman. That was seven solar cycles ago."
My spine ached for him as I asked, "Did nobody question your disappearance?"
He shrugged his shoulders. "I'm sure my mother did. I managed to get in contact with her after I was discharged, so she learned I was alive and well."
The ache got worse. "You've had a difficult life. Did anyone even search for you?"
Joseph sighed as his face tensed. Was this anger? I hadn't ever seen him angry before. He spoke. His words were tense. "I was... A low priority. See, we had a problem with the colony. One of the ships carrying female colonists was attacked by pirates, and everyone was lost. As a result, we had only half the female population we were supposed to. This led to female humans having a greater perceived value to society. If I had been born a girl, I'd have never been snatched up. They still have a gender imbalance, and the entire colony was extremely protective of female colonists. That's why our patrol ships only have male crew."
Only when he finished speaking, did I realize my claws were digging into his arm. I had to force my body to relax. I finally said, "That is a difficult situation."
Joseph relaxed. "Sorry. I just got out of the medical bay, and I'm being gloomy. It's fine now, I like it here."
We ate in silence. I think I scared Xhikaat. I'd have to be more careful not to get mad in the future. Oh well. As soon as we finished eating, I disposed of our trays and utensils as usual, then approached Xhikaat from behind, and placed my hands on her hips.
I was rewarded for my mischief with a surprised help as I lifted her and gently slung her over my shoulder. She loudly and sternly said, "Joseph Dint! What are you doing!?"
I smiled and said, "It's a human tradition for returning heroes to carry their bedmates back to their quarters."
I neglected to mention that it was an Earth tradition, and anything of that sort had ceased to be practiced for centuries. I didn't actually know where it had even been a tradition, but the guys on my old patrol ship had told me about it. Oh well. It's fun, anyway.
She didn't complain as I marched down the hall with her over my shoulder. Inside her quarters, I gently set her on her feet. She was quiet for several seconds. "I figured you were stronger than a K'tari, but I didn't realize you were that strong."
I grinned and leaned down, depositing a kiss on her nose. "Shall we undress for bed, mistress?"
I had barely asked the question before she was stripping off her uniform. I stripped naked, and crawled into bed. She stepped closer, but stopped as she reached for the edge of the bed.
I asked, "Is something wrong?"
She pulled her hand back. She gripped one hand in the other in front of her. Nervousness? I said, "You have to tell me what's wrong. I can't read your thoughts."
She said, "You were barely a youth when you were conscripted. Is it wrong to hold you when you've never known anything but service?"
Oh god. She was weirded out by it. "Xhikaat, it's fine. I'm happy here. Then again, you know how old I am. How old are you?"
She quietly said, "Twenty three solar cycles."
I paused. "And the age of adulthood for K'tari?"
I nodded. "And when did you join the military?"
She gripped her hand tighter. "At twenty cycles, as soon as I could."
I was quiet for a few moments, and finally asked, "How do you achieve captain rank in three solar cycles!?"
Her gaze still wouldn't meet mine. "I was promoted for my exceptional talent for command."
I crawled out of the bed, and stood to my full height. I picked Xhikaat up and tossed her into the bed. I grinned and pounced on her. I pinned her to the bed with one hand as I pulled the comforter over us.
She thrashed around as she struggled to get free. "Hey! Let me up!"
I pulled my hand from her chest, and she turned away to crawl out of bed. My arms went around her as I pinned her arms to her sides. "Gotcha. No more complaints. I like our arrangement, and I know that you do, too. I'm not being harmed. In fact, you're treating me far better than my own kind would. Don't blame yourself for circumstances you can't control. Do I make myself clear?"
His warmth soaked into my scales. I finally relented, and stopped struggling. "I'm not causing you any harm, am I?"
His strong hands turned me to face him. "Xhikaat. I promise, you're not causing me any kind of harm."
I nodded, and pressed myself to him gently. As I relaxed, I said, "I put you in for a commendation. You really went above your expected duties, and it's mostly thanks to you that we captured that Thrrel vessel."
Gods, those hands feel so good against my scales!
I awoke to a call coming in on my terminal. I jumped out of bed and threw on my uniform. At the terminal, I pressed the button to answer.
I laid there calmly as Xhikaat rushed to answer the call. I listened in curiously. An unfamiliar voice said, "Xhikaat! How are you? I hear you got yourself an exotic slave!"
Xhikaat's tail lashed about in irritation. Whoever this was really got under her scales.
I stared at the face of lower Fleetlord Vakal. Why did she have to be such a milk? I refused to let my irritation come through my voice.
"Lower Fleetlord Vakal. I am well. And yes, we picked up a slave in the ketlec system."
She said, "And you put him in for a commendation, as well. You claim he was instrumental in the capture of a Thrrel vessel, and the production of anti scaber tactics."
I said, "Yes. He's done a lot of good aboard the ship."
She said, "I see. I see. Your bed slave will have to be interviewed, or course, and I'll need to personally examine him. I'm sure you've gotten plenty of use out of him. You always did seem the type."
Anger welled up inside me as I maintained my cool facade. How dare she imply that!? "I see. How long do you expect this examination to take?"
Vakal scraped her claws together eagerly. "You don't need to be concerned. It should only take a week or two, and I'll make sure he's not out of practice when you get him back."
I struggled to keep my crest down as my rage built. I took a deep breath, then forced myself to relax. "Where must we go?"
"System base seventy two, in the Klick system. Get there as soon as you can. This order supercedes your existing orders."
I maintained my composure. "Understood. We will arrive as soon as we can. End of communication."
That low birth kulk should be grateful I'm even considering returning her slave. My slave, soon.
A laugh filled my throat as I imagine her clinging to her precious xeno pet and weeping like a child. Serves her right! Thinking she can command a starship! She's from a brood matron! She's the lowest of soldiers and laborers! And yet she had managed to somehow cheat her way into a rank reserved for the elites!
I'll show her. I'll send her little slave back with his spirits broken and worthless!
Well. Shit. So that's what a cat fight between two lizard women sounds like. And I'm the center of it.
My contemplation was interrupted by a scream from Xhikaat. I sprang from bed to see her clawing gouges in the furniture in her frustration.
I grabbed her wrists and restrained her, frightened she might hurt herself. "Xhikaat. It's going to be alright."
Xhikaat twisted in my grasp, and I released her wrists. She sprang forward and wrapped her arms around me. "Joseph! She implied that we... And she's going to... You'll have to... I'm so sorry!"
I gently swept her up in my arms. It never ceased to surprise me how light she was. All sinew and muscle, this K'tari. I held her tightly in my arms until she calmed down.
"Shhh, it's going to be alright. I won't let her hurt you."
Xhikaat looked up at me. Is that fear? She shakily said, "You're even younger than I am! She'll hurt you so badly. She's a sadist."
I carried her to bed, and laid her down. She never broke eye contact with me while I undressed her.
I tossed her uniform to a nearby chair, then caressed her cheek. "My dear Xhikaat. I am stronger than you think. I have been forced to do an adult's job as a child. I have been eaten alive. I have slept on the medical bay beds. I am stronger than you think. I pride myself on my resilience. I will not fail, and I will not be broken."
Xhikaat said, "I have enough to pay off your debt. We can drop you off on a station. You can return to human space. You don't have to."
I clamped her snout shut with one hand. "Xhikaat. I'm not running away. You've stood by me since I got here. I'll stand by you now."
I released her snout, and she quietly said, "I'm afraid."
I held her close. "I know. I'll think of something. Go give the order to head to station seventy two."
I watched as her tail dragged behind her. She went to the comms panel, and ordered the course change. The helm officer gave her the news. At top speed, we would arrive in eighteen hours.
So. Eighteen hours to think of something. No pressure, huh?
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2021.09.16 20:30 WellensohnRaurau mr. little boi

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2021.09.16 20:30 phedra13 Help with Alexa Data Account

I used to live with my Dad but recently moved. Previously, I had set up all the house’s Alexa information through my Amazon Prime account (we have a family Prime but I’m the primary.) Now that I’ve moved I’d like to set up my own Alexa household stuff. Is there anyway to transfer the data of 50+ Alexa enabled devices and the rooms they go in and their corresponding skills to his Alexa account, enabling me to have my own “clean” account? Or am I going to have do a “fresh” install of everything on his own Alexa account?
For further information: I am taking 3 echos with me but will have to buy all new smart devices. Everything else previously set up is staying with my Dad.
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2021.09.16 20:30 MrSandmanbringme Que hacer con un video de violencia policial en españa?

Ha habido una detencion hoy en valladolid, supuestamente a una menor fugada, basicamente una chica negra a la que le estaban sujetando contra el suelo con mucha violencia, he intentado grabarlo pero estaba en panico y he grabado mierda, tengo la matricula del coche y es lo unico util que he visto, creo que un vecino estaba grabando con un angulo mejor pero creo que le han requisado el video
Con quien puedo hablar? Se que es ilegal grabar a la policia así que salí echando hostias una vez la chica estaba en el coche y no se que hacer
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2021.09.16 20:30 OmuraEkat Crossroads [Battlemap] 50x50

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2021.09.16 20:30 ArtisticSolid9058 25 m a game of never have I ever [Chat]

I'm playing some Space Engineers and I was wondering if anyone is down for a game. I find it much more fun than idle chat. Send a chat if you’re interested. We could also play would you rather or general hypothetical would also be fun.
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2021.09.16 20:30 ihatetheinternet4373 I'm so afraid of slipping back into my old habits...


Was a mild hoarder but definitely true hoarding tendencies, decluttered my life and am generally content. Life circumstances have caused a bit of a food hoard, though still manageable. Found I still buy too many things I'm just constantly donating things to make up for it. Now we are due to have a kid, and I'm terrified of slipping back into old habits due to lack of energy and a whole new human who has their own stuff. While we technically live in a house the spaces that are ours alone are the equivalent of a decent sized studio apartment.
I'm sorry this post is so incredibly long. I doubt most people will read the entire thing but I guess it just felt good to get it all out, and explaining the details of the situation helps to clarify where we need help and where we don't and why I'm as worried as I am.
I definitely have hoarding tendencies. Never "tv show level" but I saw the road I was traveling down and I'm so goddamn grateful to have turned the car around.
Before I got my shit together I was living in level 3-4 clutter and constant second degree squalor, and it was only that "mild" because I was living with my parents and my mom wouldn't let it get any more out of hand than that. So all I had was a bedroom to let get destroyed, not a full apartment or house, which also helped keep the hoarding somewhat under control.
But despite how "mild" it was I was definitely keeping things I absolutely did not need including literal trash for "sentimental" reasons. For example: I kept my ex's broken suitcase, filled with random paper trash she left in it, for a year because I couldn't get over her and it was hers. Cringing just thinking about it :(
When "Tidying Up" came out on Netflix, I started watching it and it was a huge game changer. It started me down the decluttering/tidying/minimalism rabbit hole and that's one of the best things that's ever happened to me. I'd tried many times in my life to get my mess under control but nothing ever quite stuck until the "does it spark joy?" mantra.
I got my also-former-mild-hoarder partner on board too, thank goodness, and now our squalor never goes above level 1 and clutter never goes above level 2 (and when it gets to level 2 it can be tidied in a matter of 30 minutes or less, because everything we own has its own designated spot.)
...Now the part where I explain why I need advice:
Nowadays we have much less stuff and I try to maintain "minimalism" to the extent that makes sense for us. Still have quite a bit of stuff but most of it genuinely serves a purpose in our lives and it all has a place. One of the ways I maintain this is to immediately donate items that are no longer serving us.
But I've noticed I still accumulate a LOT of stuff, I've just gotten better at getting rid of things when I'm no longer using them. This often leads to buying something that I only keep for a week or two and then donating it, which makes me feel dumb for having bought it in the first place.
And now because of COVID, there's very little to do outside the house besides shopping, and even less open later at night when I get desperately antsy and need to get out of the house.
(I'd just go on night time walks but the last time we did that I literally got hit in the head by a drunken bat and had to get the rabies vaccine in my scalp. Plus we live in coyote territory and I've seen one by our carport when I was taking out the trash! Needless to say I don't go out in the dark much anymore... I'm a night owl so it's a terrible combination of circumstances!)
...So now our cabinets and freezers (a normal fridge freezer and a chest freezer) are stuffed with nonperishable foods at all times. The normal fridge is usually pretty bare because I can't stand when food goes bad. I have been trying REALLY HARD to keep it under control and try to reduce how much we bring in, but whenever our food stores finally drop we go fill up the space again.
(My mom's exactly like this too, and while our stash probably would not be considered a hoard even if it's more than we can eat in a few weeks, her stash certainly is genuine food hoarding. She has years worth of food in her house, enough to feed a family of 4 for 18+ months, and it's just her and dad now. She's just really good at organizing so it's not as apparently hoarding.)
The bonus food stamps we've been receiving don't help matters much. We feel pressured to spend our entire FS budget each month, which just enables our compulsive food shopping.
Again though, we only have a few weeks worth of food, but it sure feels like a lot when the amount rarely goes down, and I am constantly donating unopened items I know we aren't going to get around to eating in a reasonable amount of time. Constantly. There is always a donations box filled to the brim that we bring down to the charity once a week.
And now we're having a kid.
I'm 35 and a half weeks pregnant. Did all the big baby shopping, did our best to only get the absolute essentials, still feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff adding a new human adds to our number of things.
I also went on a plushie buying spree earlier on in the pregnancy which I'm now regretting but we are now emotionally attached to the plushies. They all fit in one bin but it still makes me feel so dumb because I know she's going to start asking for new things when she gets older and where exactly will those things go? In reality those plushies are mostly for us! What the heck am I supposed to do when she starts asking for her own toys???
I've also just seen what parenthood does to people's houses. I know that the squalor could start getting into the 2nd level again purely from lack of energy. Luckily we are ONE AND DONE and most of the examples I'm remembering are from people with multiple children... But I still fear what could happen.
Our current living situation is a bedroom at partner's dad's house, but to ourselves we also have a makeshift kitchen in what used to be a woodworking room as well as a bathroom. So pretty equivalent to a studio apartment as the bedroom is also the living space.
Our kid won't have her own room, she's sharing with us until we move out of here. We will probably be here for many more years because the rent is too damn high and it's only getting worse. So it's not like I can just shut the door on her mess, we have to figure out how to consolidate 3 people's worth of items in 2 people's worth of space. Hoping to get our own place via housing vouchers by the time she's going into elementary school, but that's still 5-6 years of sharing 2 people's worth of space between 3. And that's the minimum amount of time.
I'm scared. I'm overwhelmed. I feel myself slipping back ever so slowly and I panic declutter in response. But now it's even harder to declutter since I genuinely like and use so much of what we have, it's more a matter of do I use it often enough to keep it taking up space in our house.
I look at the worse scenarios here and it helps remind me that it could be so much worse... But at the same time I am so aware of how that was almost me and it could still be me if I don't keep myself in line.
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2021.09.16 20:30 stonks_legendary Grand Master Luke Skywalker??

Is it just me or should Jedi Master Luke Skywalker (GL) be called Grand Master Luke Skywalker(GL) and then we can have a different character called Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. We already have the Jedi Knight version but I'm not 100% sure how they will implement Grand Master Luke now.
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2021.09.16 20:30 Lost_dreamer_yash Action Scenes in the matrix films

A lot of people , most people , like the action scenes in the matrix films , but i really have an issue with people who say its unrealistic or garbage , you are free to have an opinion , but atleast try to understand instead of misjudging it
first of all its not set in the real world , is set in the matrix , and the matrix has rules , which can be broken , we are very well shown the framework of that reality , and the rules it obeys , and with that context , thats the reason we are first introduced to the matrix , and then shown the cool action scenes , which are also very clear , steady , and we see the fight , unlike 90 percent of the action films these days
and somehow you would still prefer shaky cam movies like bourne and quick cut edited taken ?
no offense to taken fans and bourne fans
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