[friendship] You’ve got a friend in me! 26 M UK

2021.09.16 20:51 dishdash764 [friendship] You’ve got a friend in me! 26 M UK

Why hello there!
This, quite frankly, isn’t something I’m particularly good at, and I’m certainly not one for being able to self myself :) But I guess this last year has been pretty lonely and I’d love to make some friends!
I’m 26 years old, a junior hospital doctor,and have an interest in loads of things! Video games, science, nature, reading and lots of random pop culture things too. I’m currently reading a few fantasy books by Sanderson and am potentially thinking of reading the wheel of time - though it seems like a massive time sink haha! Oh and I’m a huge comedy nerd aha - I used to watch live standup every week pre covid!
The last year or so has been pretty stressful, I’m a healthcare worker, and I guess, like all of us, covid has had a big impact on my life plans.
I guess I’d love to talk to anyone :) I’m happy to talk here or on discord.
PS: I have a cat!
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2021.09.16 20:51 Realistic_0ptimist Redditors who have changed their mind as a result of a conversation with someone else, what were some of the features of that conversation?

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2021.09.16 20:51 giwidouggie Converting the string "np.pi" into the numpy double np.pi

I have a yaml configuration file in which I want to set a couple of constants, namely np.pi and np.Inf.
I can parse numbers succesfully using the yaml python module, but, as expected, writing np.pi in the yaml file throws an error when the file is parsed.
How can I use numpy constant in yaml that get parsed properly to numpy constants in python?
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2021.09.16 20:51 cauchy-euler Apple dumplings in Bay Area?

Anyone know if there's a bakery or any place in the Bay Area that sells apple dumplings? They were huge in Pennsylvania, haven't seen any here
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2021.09.16 20:51 HvBrands [For Hire] Logo Designer / Animated Stream Visuals

Hi Folks! I am a graphic designer specialized in Logo Design / Animated Stream Graphics.
Logo Design Portfolio
Animated overlays Portfolio

Generally, I'm a budget friendly, dm me for a customized quote.
Contact me at [itshvdesign@gmail.com](mailto:its.hvdesign@gmail.com) or shoot me a message here on Reddit.
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2021.09.16 20:51 nathanael_1732 Am I supposed to log out after doing flat sort?

I did flat sort for the first time today. My PA showed me how to log in and what to do. I was just doing it to cover breaks. After 30 minutes the person I was covering came back and I asked them if I needed to log out. They told me that I didn't need to and I was good to go so I left. I'm thinking about it now and it seems like I should have logged out. Was the other person wrong or do I really not need to?
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2021.09.16 20:51 LivelyPlains Chill-Hop! The chillest of Hip-Hop, with only real joints. Every playlist I saw of chill rap is all trap so I made one filled with real Hip-Hop from the past 20 years. Perfect for hangouts, party's or blazing! Kick back and let the beats bang.

Chill-Hop! The chillest of Hip-Hop, with only real joints. Every playlist I saw of chill rap is all trap so I made one filled with real Hip-Hop from the past 20 years. Perfect for hangouts, party's or blazing! Kick back and let the beats bang. submitted by LivelyPlains to SpotifyMusicCommunity [link] [comments]

2021.09.16 20:51 gharrity Anonymous Hack of Epik Reveals a Devastating Amount of Information

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2021.09.16 20:51 iamcaptainunderpants Three gallons of used peanut oil

Not sure if people are still making their own biodiesel these days, but I would think that it would be good for that.
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2021.09.16 20:51 mamatosen I feel extremely lonely

I think it's very regular to be lonely these days. But it's weekends where I live and I have no one to talk to... It fucking hurts. I have a big ego and I can't ever tell others that I'm lonely (It wouldn't help either. it just would render me desperate). Here I am at 11:19 pm, tomorrow is a non-working day and everybody's out there partying and stuff and I'm behind my monitor coding...
I just don't feel like I deserve this. Any relationship I start goes south like you wouldn't believe it. I'm not ugly. I am confident and I can talk. I'm not socially anxious or anything. I'm just lonely! I don't know what the fuck to do...
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2021.09.16 20:51 Lord0fTheCubes Poem about my crush that I'm trying to get over

It doesn't have a name
You’re pretty, friendly, also smart You’re really good at Mario Kart When I look at you all I see Is what I want my girlfriend to be You only liked me in the past I realized this at last No point in trying to pretend For all good things come to an end I’ve loved you for all these years In vain because of pointless fears And now my overthinking brain Is causing me nothing but pain
i'm new to poetry but how'd i do?
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2021.09.16 20:51 CrosbyBrendan How Many of You Actually Met Johnny Ramone? I’d Like To Hear Your Story

It’s well known that he wasn’t the greatest person when he was in the Ramones. He used to mock Joey and Tommy for being Jewish and on top of that, according to Mickey Liegh’s book, Johnny used to spray paint swastikas in mostly Jewish neighborhoods for fun.
I have also heard that he mellowed down a bit in his later life so maybe someone has a story about meeting him in say the 90s.
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2021.09.16 20:51 nathanielKay A Comprehensive Guide to the First Four Days of Spring (Y1) Console Edition: v 1.58. Sept 15th, 2021. Part 2, Day 2. Catfish Countdown: Getting the Fiberglass Rod on Day 2.

Hello, Farmer!
Welcome to Part 2 of my guide, which covers Day 2, and preparation for Day 3. Part 1, covers Introductions and first day profits, setting up for Day 2.
Part 2 assumes that you have either followed Part 1, or achieved the same results:

  1. Made 650-1200gp in cash profit (not including the potential 350gp in quests we will claim today)
  2. Met everyone possible except Willy.
  3. Have 1 chest (and 1 Stone) ready to take with you.
  4. Configured your Menu options to Adjust Zoom (85% max)
Spring D2- Setting up for Success
Today we will:
  1. Read Willy’s letter.
  2. Go to the beach and receive our first fishing rod (Bamboo Pole)
  3. Complete the Introductions quest, and hopefully the Archeology quest.
  4. Learn how to use Fishing Bubbles to maximum advantage.
  5. Level up/fish enough to buy the Fiberglass Rod.
  6. Prepare our best for tomorrow’s catfishing catch-fest. (Part 3).
Cocka-doodle-doo, Farmer. Up and at'em, it’s fishing time! I love the first three days of fishing, where skills actually matter, and so do the results. To me, fishing is built backwards- it starts off at its most difficult, and the more you do it, the easier it gets until it hardly takes any skill at all. By the time you’re an expert, you don’t really need to be. There are very few chances to test your skills unless you restart from Fishing 1. Like today.
First order of business:
It's always going to rain on D3 (good habits start early!), but today’s Daily Luck is an important strategic factor. Today is all about fishing, and Daily Luck plays a subtle but reliable role when it comes to catching fish.
Good news first. If your luck is good (a little extra) or very good (good fortune), that’s great! Luck impacts fishing by producing treasure chests. A treasure chest will double (2.2) the XP for the catch. It’s like getting a free Perfect! If your luck is bad or very bad, today is going to be a bit harder. Don’t worry just yet, you can still beat the odds.
Yesterday was about making money. Today is about making time. The reason why most people think our goals for today are difficult, or perhaps don't even realize they are possible, is because they started planting on Day 1. They used all of their start money for seeds and burned up the window for getting to Willy's early by watering all those plants. The more cash you have on hand, and the earlier you get to the Beach, the easier this day becomes. So:
Enter the Beach.
Willy’s cutscene will start as soon as you walk in. If the cutscene did not start, you did not read Willy’s letter. You are not getting a fancy rod today. Reflect on your life choices as you restart the day.
Time Check: 7:10am 20 mins Grace
This guide always assumes that there are no bubbles with the worst Daily Luck to ensure reliability- good luck or bad luck, bubbles or no bubbles- the minimum goals are still possible. That said, you are very likely to have bubbles show up somewhere on D2 or D3, and actual bad luck (like catching 8 Seaweed in a row) can still ruin the day.
Restarting D2 after an unsuccessful day has a number of benefits: a rare form of fishing practice that dramatically improves player fishing skills, changing the base ‘jitter’ or ‘jumpyness’ of the fish, a warm-up round to oil up those rusty ‘holy wow I forgot how small this bar used to be’ fishing skills, and of course, the potential for better fish/treasure.
Fishing Bubbles: One with the Fishes. An important note about fishing bubbles, is that they impact adjacent tiles- including diagonals- and the same quality bonus (+1 Fishing Zone) applies to those tiles. This is important because fishing bubbles often appear very close to shore, where even the Perfection bonus results in poor quality fish. A good fisher overcasts close bubbles, landing in the deeper adjacent zone while still picking up the bonus (the ‘sparkles’ as you hit the water). Even if the overcast zone is only 4, the bonus makes it equal to Zone 5 (the best), and you can still catch Zone 5 treasure and iridium quality fish.
Regardless of the zone, a bubble’s sheer volume outweighs any drop in quality, and even a bad bubble is better than no bubble at all. Because fishing bubbles are so profitable, it is assumed you will stay and play out a bubble unless it interferes with your primary goals (like meeting shop closing times).
The left side of Willy’s shop is an excellent fishing spot. You can see a great deal of water from this spot, and it's where today’s Fishing Bubbles are the most likely to occur. The open centre of the Dock is fishing Zone 5, easily reached at Fishing 2 (Fishing 1 with the Trout Soup buff). Always cast left or right in the early levels, to maximize your cast length. If you cast downwards off the dock, it will effectively shorten the cast by -1 zone.
Fishing bubbles are either quite short <1 hour, or long >2 hrs. If you can overcast the bubble to a better zone, stay put. If you can't, go shop. It's worth milking a short bubble to the end, and worth being able to overcast a long one.
Willy’s Fish Shop: Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. How good are you at fishing? Yeah, but how good are you really? Choose your weapon: Trout Soup or Training Rod.
The primary difference between the two is profitability and time. The Training Rod cuts profits in half, but it's reliable for fast leveling. Trout Soup + Bamboo Pole is more profitable but requires more player skill to beat the Training Rod big bar advantage in terms of time.
Nerd Alert! The time it takes to get to Fishing 2 can be expressed as the equation T=380/((fxps)+(fxLm)), where T= the number of hours, f= fish per hour (2), x= average xp per fish, p= Perfection bonus (2.4), m= treasure multiplier (2.2), and L= loot box chance (i.e. Daily Luck). S= Player Skill, in terms of the percentage of Perfect catches that player can usually achieve at their current level. As player skill increases, Time decreases. With the Training Rod, p is a constant 2.4, and x is stable at around 12.3. With the Bamboo Pole, p is closer to 3.12- Perfect catches add a measure of Quality to a better range of fish (x= 19) that increases their XP and value.
On a neutral luck day, the Training Rod will pay off sooner at half profit (500gp) if you can make more than 80% of your catches Perfect. If you muck it up, you'll not only miss the window, you’ll be broke and baitless.
On the other hand, Trout Soup will always make more money and get better treasure- but you need 25% of your catches to be Perfect, or you won’t be able to level up before Willy’s Shop closes. At 50% Perfect catches, Bamboo Pole + Trout Soup will always beat the Training Rod, in every way possible.
Daily Luck affects this decision because Treasure Chests (roughly) count as Perfect catches. With good fortune, the odds of a chest are 20%. With a difficult life, this drops to 5%. It can always play out the other way- it is random after all- but those are the odds. Higher Daily Luck effectively pads your player skill, making it faster to level up, while gaining more money from treasure. If you get the treasure and the Perfect catch, the XP bonuses stack: its like catching 7 fish with a single cast!
Which one should we buy? Both. The Training Rod is super cheap, and extremely useful for three different scenarios.
If you’ve decided, on those rare occasions, to only use the Training Rod, you only need to cast to fishing Zone 2 (2 tiles out). While this negates some high-level treasure, it minimizes casting/retrieval time while catching less trash (common in Zone 1). There is no quality bonus, and no need to reach for quality fish.
Setbacks: Troubleshooting Fish in a Barrel. If you used the Training Rod without enough cash on hand (around 1650gp total without quests) you may not have enough money to buy the upgrade when you hit Fishing 2. Switch immediately to the Bamboo Pole, cash in quests/treasure at 3:10pm, return to Willy’s and fish until 4:50pm. Return to the shop to sell your fish, and keep your fingers crossed.
If you are using Trout Soup with the Bamboo Pole, and have not hit Fishing 2 by 2:00pm, switch to the Training Rod. You must hit Fishing 2, full priority, before you can do anything else. When you hit level 2, cash out, get the new rod and 20 bait, and fish until 4:50pm.
Time Check: 3:10pm
Last Chance: Let’s get Lucky. The Beach usually has a bit of forage and a couple dig spots. There’s a good chance it has an artifact if there wasn’t one yesterday.
There's also enough time to sell gems and process geodes at Clint’s. If you still need an artifact, and/or have gems and geodes potentially worth more than 250gp, stash your fish, grab your hoe and go take a look. Dig up any spots, and if you get an artifact, go turn it in- the quest reward is more valuable than the fish you’ll catch during that time.
At the same time, you may have fished up diamonds, emeralds, magma geodes, etc. as treasure. Now is the time to cash those in- process all geodes (any more than 4 common), sell all gems. If you leave at 3:10pm, you can scout the Beach, turn in at the Museum, and make it into Clint’s before 4pm.
Exit the Beach
Time is precious, and unfortunately the onions are not worth the time it takes to get them. Continue to the far west shore of the island.
Time Check: 5:40pm
Finishing the Day: Stay Strong for a Better Tomorrow. Some guides, especially those that don’t carry chests, and/or don’t get the Fiberglass Rod until D3 or D4, will suggest finishing the day in the Town River, the Mountain Lake, or at Glacier Point (where you catch the Glacierfish). Those locations work for those guides because the slight differences between them are meaningless in their broader picture for D3. On our route, with bait in hand, those differences are exponentially magnified, seriously impacting the next day. So:
  1. Place the chest behind you as you stand on any one of the three tiles making up the far west shore of the big island.
  2. Cast left. This spot allows you to reach Zone 5 at Fishing 2.
While the classic spot at Leah’s Cabin is a shorter trip, you cannot reach Zone 5 there until Fishing 4. While very slight, this is a 1,000gp mistake: you won’t get Fishing 4 tonight, and so you won’t be soup-boosted to Fishing 5 first thing tomorrow.
Because this timeline for Fishing 4 is so tight, we can’t afford any gambits that don’t pay off. Moving around to hunt for bubbles is an almost guaranteed loss, though if you happen one reachable from this side of the shore, move immediately.
The time it takes to explore, even to collect spring onions, exceeds the time buffer we have for meeting this target. It’s okay to stay put and eat your algae and chubs (highest quality first), because the XP is worth more than any other benefit we could get.
We’ll have a few minutes of Chubs and Sunfish before the move to Bream o’clock, and Bream are ridiculously easy to Perfect. Chubs are tougher- some of them can be quite jumpy. Don’t start tapping until you see them start to rise- many a Perfect has been spoiled by jumping the gun if they suddenly drop down off the start.
Daily Skills: Fishing: 0 --> 4
Daily Earnings: 3,525-4,500gp (gear and resources)
Good work! We’re set up for success for one of the hardest (and most rewarding!) challenges in the early game. My favourite day of all time- D3: Catfish Day.
Hope to see you tomorrow, where we will:
  1. Go catfishing!
  2. Learn how to catch catfish.
  3. Learn the fundamentals and advanced applications of two fishing techniques.
  4. Make 5,600-8,900gp.
  5. Get to Fishing 5 (Fisher) or more.
See you there!
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2021.09.16 20:51 maxx_nitro It took ten years, but my PT / SW studio album vinyl collection is complete!

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2021.09.16 20:51 heavyhitter5 New home for the Tres Amigos - finally extended my patio. Any guesses for what’s underneath?

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2021.09.16 20:51 jimmysdownfall Mesprit raid on me. add 2264 5518 4349

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2021.09.16 20:51 itshardnottobebanned I tried summoning Michael Jackson's spirit and it didnt work

I tried summoning the spirit of Michael Jackson and it didnt work, which is weird because I had never failed a summoning spell before, any ideas why?
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2021.09.16 20:51 SpaceScienceGuy Gigabit Pro availability at my house?

I would like to know if Gigabit Pro (2gbps Up/Down) internet is available at my service address?
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2021.09.16 20:51 One-Gas-5128 Sensecap M1 needs attention

Hello I got the Sensecap m1 miner and installed it on my balcony. I plugged it in and connected it to my wifi but it didn’t sync. So i ordered an wifi extender and installed it so my Sensecap m1 has a good signal now. My Problem is that it still says „needs attention“. I would be very thankful if someone got a solution for me. Thanks in advance! Sry for the bad english btw.
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2021.09.16 20:51 RadioBusterReddit This Logo Parody tho

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2021.09.16 20:51 zhxn 川普警告9月18日国会大厦游行是一个圈套

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2021.09.16 20:51 sanchitwadehra Which one should I go for B550 AORUS PRO VS TUF GAMING X570 PLUS WIFI?

My build specs:- CPU-7 5800x GPU-6600XT
I am confused with the audio details related to both motherboards? And does wifi matter that much? and I am really confused between b550 vs x570 I have watched the video about this topic by jayztwocents but I am still confused can someone plz help here
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2021.09.16 20:51 sammo21 Can Sisters of Battle bring a Knight ?

Hey guys. I am currently building my Sisters and I saw a kit online to give a Knight heraldry...I don't have my codex in front of me but I didn't see an option for knights in the book. Is this true? As a person newer to 9e can someone tell me how this works as far as list building goes? Thanks!
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2021.09.16 20:51 GLLCW First Time Buyer - How much to offer below asking?

My partner and I have recently looked at a flat we really like and are keen to put an offer in. The asking price is £385k (down from £400k a few weeks ago - the property has been on the market for about 2 and a half months). The flat was rented out by the owner and is now looking to sell - it's not in the best condition (windows need replacing, kitchen needs redoing and a few other mainly cosmetic bits). The EA told us that the owner recently rejected an offer of £370k though I understand this may be a ploy to get us to offer above that?
What's made me really skeptical is just the other day, I stumbled upon an archived listing for one of the other flats in the building, just a few doors along, same size and layout, which went earlier this year for £360k and looks to be in a much MUCH better condition than the one we're interested in.
What advice would you give for an offer or how to go about negotiating?
We don't want to offer so low that the owner doesn't take us seriously, but also don't want to pay above what we think is fair.
Thanks for the help!
TL:DR - First time buyers need help with how much to offer and how to negotiate.
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2021.09.16 20:51 billyrobz Guys with strict/military parents, what’s the worst haircut you’ve ever had to get?

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