Join the The Sanctuary Discord Server! best nsfw server out there (no invites needed )

2021.09.16 20:57 slunderg Join the The Sanctuary Discord Server! best nsfw server out there (no invites needed )

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2021.09.16 20:57 Sirtheodore111 😳

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2021.09.16 20:57 TheCantrip What phrase is popularly used only in a positive (or only in a negative) light, but is completely usable on both ends of the spectrum?

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2021.09.16 20:57 Queasy_Reindeer9515 HR ratted me out to my boss that I applied internally; what would you do?

Let me be upfront here, I work for a large company (100,000+ employees). Our HR department sucks. They suck at applications, hiring procedures, responding to applicants, and now (apparently) they suck at privacy.
I had been applying for jobs internally (and externally) recently because of some dissatisfaction with my role. About 2-3 weeks ago I applied for a new position in a different department, and hadn’t heard anything really.
Today I was on a call with my boss covering some unrelated issues. At the end of the call he goes “oh, by the way HR gave me a heads up that you had been applying for some positions internally, what’s up with that?”. He sounded like he genuinely wanted to know about my career path, sounded kind of disappointed to find out I had been looking, and wanted to open a dialogue about why I had applied and to see if there were any opportunities he could offer within the department.
1) What on earth is HR thinking!?!?
2) What would you do in response?
3) What should I do if he begins holding it against me?
I think I covered it well and explained it was “just something I applied for randomly”, and that it was in respond to “being underutilized in my current role before Tom and Jerry left recently” (not their real names).
Now I fear that he knows I’m looking and he’ll use that against me and start giving me work no one else wants…. I also fear that HR is using it against me as a reason to not consider me for the new position. Say if he tells them that moving me to a new role will leave his dept severely under staffed, then they may agree and remove me from consideration.
This just seems so idiotically backwards that I don’t even know what to think of it…. At a normal company HR shouldn’t even consider contacting someone’s current boss until later in the hiring process… unless this is just our HR departments way of saying that I have no chance and trying to get my boss to move me up internally.
TL/DR: My HR sucks and told my boss I applied internally, now I fear he’s mad. What do?
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2021.09.16 20:57 HvBrands [For Hire] Logo Designer / Animated Stream Visuals

Hi Folks! I am a graphic designer specialized in Logo Design / Animated Stream Graphics.
Logo Design Portfolio
Animated overlays Portfolio

Generally, I'm a budget friendly, dm me for a customized quote.
Contact me at []( or shoot me a message here on Reddit.
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2021.09.16 20:57 AidenNapalm Why do State driver’s regulations suck?

Like honestly, I live in Maine and I wanted to take out this girl I like until I realized I have to wait another 2 months to drive others around. Who actually voted on this issue and why? If I have received my license I should have my license. What happened to self-responsibility? So damn stupid.
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2021.09.16 20:57 StoneColdMiracle I just watched the last episode and I am so confused

no spoilers please?
I've finished the anime and is it really not continuing? what else is there? I know the manga is done but why hasn't the anime kept going?
will it come back?
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2021.09.16 20:57 tiny_little_me_ Spend two weeks in a hospital where they had this minion puzzle. 1000 pieces, pretty sure ill be seeing their eyes in my sleep

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2021.09.16 20:57 KthProg The best nootropic for lowering anxiety/increasing focus?

I've heard people recommend all kinds of things, my friend says magnesium + bacopa, I tried ash + theanine + rhodiola and that worked great but those have long-term side effects with thyroid hormones that I don't like. Anyone have some opinions here?
I need to lower my anxiety especially, and increase my focus just a bit, especially under stress.
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2021.09.16 20:57 JamesMakesFilms Midnight by the Lillies [OC]

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2021.09.16 20:57 yunggilla Why did you join r/chiraqology ❓

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2021.09.16 20:57 gwillad [US-WI][H]Preonic, Focus FK-2001, daybreak switches [W] Paypal
Looking to get rid of some stuff before a move. Prices include shipping within the US. All prices OBO. Pm before message, no chat

Item Description Price (USD)
Drop x OLKB Preonic in purple Comes with original SS plate and hotswap PCB, Quark PCB and CF plate designed by nasp, Acute Keycaps, soft carrying case $180
Focus FK-2001 has PS/2 connector, SKCM white alps (clicky) appears to be in good shape, but full disclosure, I haven't tested this. I was going to harvest the switches but never got around to it $70
70x JWK Daybreak switches silent linear. these are the quietest ever switches. Lubed w/ 3204 and filmed with kebo films (I think) $45
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2021.09.16 20:57 the_scapegoat_1 I made Holier Than Thou in minecraft

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2021.09.16 20:57 IIEKKO I applied for a SafeMoon position. Wish me luck. 🙏

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2021.09.16 20:57 BasicallyVintage (Over 18) say hi

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2021.09.16 20:57 reddit_feed_bot WND: Fund the police? University invests in cops amidst 'increased criminal activities on campus'

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2021.09.16 20:57 Poluidor What's the mod who is doing this? Colonists are getting traits from mental breaks

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2021.09.16 20:57 TurtleGoBrrrrr I'm thinking of building a mega base, but what should it be?

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2021.09.16 20:57 jivisuals Drake - War

Drake - War
Alternate single cover
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2021.09.16 20:57 mb2m In my third alpine edit I tried to achieve a rough, wild and a bit washed out look

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2021.09.16 20:57 hellofate316 What am I doing wrong.

I have been on Reddit over a year and I interact with many communities however my karma rating is still to low to comment/post on some communities. Any tips?
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2021.09.16 20:57 _-Ascendancy-_ What movie, TV, or video game scene constantly goes through your head at random times?

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2021.09.16 20:57 NinoZachetti Rondale Moore is ready for takeoff

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2021.09.16 20:57 MasakakiKairi_v2 PonderPoll

What have you wondered more about?
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2021.09.16 20:57 shittyBOXER Older GenX-ers already had our cortisol levels primed with Leonard Nimoy well before Robert Stack came along.

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