"Onion Biryani"- simple and versatile rice side dish with left over/fresh rice & few ingredients can be prepared in less than 15 mins!

2021.09.16 21:19 AssortedCooking "Onion Biryani"- simple and versatile rice side dish with left over/fresh rice & few ingredients can be prepared in less than 15 mins!

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2021.09.16 21:19 Traaveler Can anyone identify this knife?

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2021.09.16 21:19 Cbisquitz Just discovered this sub, have been in the business for 10 years. Worked my way up from valet, to Facilty Manager for 2 properties and picking up a 3rd. Ask me anything!

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2021.09.16 21:19 Perceptive45 Banned after most recent update.

Logged in to find that I have been randomly banned. I don't cheat, I don't leave games early, and I don't flame others. Reached out to EA and only response was, "Yes, you are banned *click*"
It is ridiculous that there is a new issue every week in this game.
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2021.09.16 21:19 laurenlm2013 New here, hope you like the view 😘

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2021.09.16 21:19 Icy_Investigator2323 These prints turned out astonishing!

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2021.09.16 21:19 ACobraQueFuma It's my impression or the sensibility is higher?

I had to reduce the sensibility because I just couldn't hit anyone
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2021.09.16 21:19 gamethread-scraper NXT UK 9/16 Live Discussion Thread. Tag Titles on the line! (x-post /r/SquaredCircle)

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2021.09.16 21:19 Arcycesarz Weird channel

This channel has over 100k subs but it has only 3 videos and they all have only around 100 views. You can't see this channel on the wayback machine
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2021.09.16 21:19 GeekyNexi Polnareffs Spotify

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2021.09.16 21:19 Sudden-Degree9839 Hot Take: Leno was originally screwed. Conan should have asked for Jay's Blessing before signing the Tonight Show contract in 2004 (Hear me out folks)

Conan signed the contract in February 2004, behind Jay's back. Jay was informed by Zucker of the deal in March, a month later.
Jay probably thought "Well, that's showbiz for you".... he would use the same line in 2010 when taking the show back.
I don't think Conan respected Jay at all prior to the 2009 transition. From "Little Jay Leno" character bit to having Norm & Howard Stern bad mouth Leno on the show with little rebuttal from Conan.
I'm no Leno fan, but Jay was Conan's lead in & every night Jay would say "Stay tuned for Conan". That was incredibly nice of Jay. NBC didn't force him to do it, considering Carson never did it for Letterman.
Overall, I'm just pointing out that Conan should have initially respected Jay a little bit more & stuck up for him when a guest would bad mouth him.
And the obvious was to get his blessing about taking over The Tonight Show in 5 years. Never be sneaky and do stuff behind someone's back.
I'm i wrong for thinking this way? Conan sorta initiated the drama but the public just saw Conan's view point.
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2021.09.16 21:19 toperjo PIC

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2021.09.16 21:19 DaydreamsInChurch Mother rabbit moving babies into different groups?

The litter is about three days old. She gave birth to them all in one place but today she had moved two and built a mini nest around them and moved one all the way to the end of the box with a nest around it alone but it was cold so I put it back with the others.
There are 11 in total. I tried to Google this behavior but nothing came up. Why is she doing this?
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2021.09.16 21:19 philthyphil7 Way down in Ro-han

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2021.09.16 21:19 Intelligent_Abies202 I'm fatphobic and I don't like it.

I know it's not fair to judge people based off appearance and especially not weight. I know a person's looks don't necessarily reflect who they are. In fact, most of the obese people I have interacted with have been even more lovely than the slim people. My best friend is technically obese. Yet still when an obese person comes in to work, I catch myself mentally preparing for them to make my job more difficult than it needs to be. Based off nothing other than their weight.
I guess I'm used to being skinny enough to not inadvertently damage the world around me, or participate in weight limited activities or whatever. I don't know. I don't know where I picked up these judgemental thoughts. Who taught me this?
I wanted to take my friend skydiving, or on a helicopter tour, or scuba diving, or something like that for his birthday but they exceed their maximum weight limit. We ended up taking a walk but even during the walk they kept needing to stop to catch their breath and they would take forever. I'm not fit but I'm not fat either and it was so frustrating and I can't say anything about it because I'm not heartless I'm not going to comment on my friend's weight knowing they're already insecure about it.
Or when I'm at work, I assume the customer is being slow because they're fat. Or that they're extra messy/smelly/rude because they're fat. Those things don't really logically tie together. They're essentially baseless. Yet just this week, an obese couple returned their rental absolutely filthy with food and grime from just one day of having it. I find myself talking slower when I'm talking to a fat person, as if their cognitive abilities have anything to do with it.
Of course my mental judgements don't change whether or not I'm nice to customers but I wish I didn't have these thoughts in the first place. They're people too, just with a different body shape than what I'm used to. Why am I like this. Ugh.
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2021.09.16 21:19 LUKAK0BR I dont believe it

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2021.09.16 21:19 MerryCaydenite Spread the word

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2021.09.16 21:19 guitarboy487 What ever happened to Uli’s “scratch to scratch” disc golf tutorial YouTube series?

The one where he was going to teach an inexperienced disc golfer and see how could he could get in a short amount of time. I remember hearing a ton about it almost a year ago, and haven’t heard any news about it since then. Anyone know?
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2021.09.16 21:19 TrendyReece Where is the safest place to buy this online in the UK?

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2021.09.16 21:19 thePanicer Need help with ram compatibility

I want to buy two corsair 8gb 3600mhz cl18 rams , I checked my motherboards' QVL and the 18-19-19-39 version of this ram is in it but There is only the 18-22-22-42 version of it available in my country . does being the exactly same descriptions matter for motherboard support?
my motherboard : a320m-c r2.0
ram that is in my motherboards QVL : CMK16GX4M2B3600C18
ram that is available : CMK16GX4M2D3600C18
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2021.09.16 21:19 glitznglam05bt Making the NFT Marketplace more accessible: How NFTs are Waiting for the Right Platform to Shine

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2021.09.16 21:19 JoeOn60 What does it mean when it says the under is closed

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2021.09.16 21:19 AssortedCooking "Onion Biryani"- simple and versatile rice side dish with left over/fresh rice & few ingredients can be prepared in less than 15 mins!

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2021.09.16 21:19 ChopChan333 Getting better, but having another problem

So I took everyone's advice prior. When I become lucid I dont get overly excited and take it slow so I dont fall back in to a normal dream. It worked! I was lucid for a lot longer and it was cool as fuck. But now, I've been having a problem with actually remembering my lucid dreams. Before I didnt really write down my lucid dreams because I was really good at remembering them. Should I just start writing down my lucid dreams again?
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2021.09.16 21:19 Sombraero Basa + Zenbu

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