Samsung Galaxy S7+ Tablet S-Pen Accuracy

2021.09.16 20:41 YoivV Samsung Galaxy S7+ Tablet S-Pen Accuracy

just a quick question.
Is it normal that the S-Pen isn't 100% accurate on the corners? For me its especially the botom left one (portrait position).
But i also have this everywhere on the tablet where the speakers would sit inside the device. So basically around every corner area of the screen. It is not devastating most of the areas about 1mm off but surely noticeble... especially in the bottom left corner it has a place where it gets up to like half a centimeter.
Anyone else got this issue or knows about it? Do i just have to deal with it or should i look for a replacement.
Also is the Original Samsung Book Cover known to cause issues? I noticed that "offset" the day i put the cover on. However putting it off again does not resolve the issue. So maybe i just did not notice it before!
I'd appreciate ANY experiences or knowledge you have with this.

Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.16 20:41 heinaga1989 NeoNFT - a new NFT marketplace made on the Binance smart chain - buzzing community - based devs - early moonshot

What is NeoNFT?    
Neo is an innovative NFT platform originating from the meeting of cutting edge media industry and blockchain technology offering rich interactive contents, unleashing the best media industries creativity.    
The project relies on a simple and effective idea technologically as well as from a business point of view. We mix skills and knowledge from different fields of scope, mainly shaping a real crypto-media top tech bridge.    
50% supply burnt    
3% Ada rewards back to holders in anticipation for the Cardano blockchain mainnet    
3% back to liquidty pool to create a stable floor    
4% back to marketing to allow the ecosystem to continuously grow    
How can we engage with the team?    
You can find us at Telegram -    
Any useful information we need to know? - website - marketplace beta    
Contract: 0x95dc2c55ade36fb2b355466d176f316195e6320b    
Why is NeoNFT different from the other marketplaces?    
Firstly, the team have been working Cross chain interoperability where multiple blockchains will be able to benefit from using our market place, such as solana, bsc, Eth, Polygon (Matic), which allows users to choose their best blockchain they prefer and interact, buy, mint and explore with their blockchain of choice.    

What is there to come?    
We see an interesting chance to mix different industries into an advanced platform with a winning business model. Neo focuses on real time rendered content, delivering user experience based on interactivity. We remove the limits in terms of size and content typology, which allows for a user interaction within a single NFT asset. Neo opens the doors to any digital artist, content type, and NFT use cases. The project achieves these results within an agnostic platform able to integrate technologies through a modular approach. By breaking the borders, Neo brings technological and financial innovation with the aim to create new solutions and digital knowledge    
How will you market?    
What are your long term plans?    
Project Launch    
Incubator StartUp    
NFT Minting Boutique    
Neo “Origins Collection”    
Procedural Looting    
Opensea Compatibility    
Neo Playable Collection    
Incubator Production    
Neo Incubator Collections    
Cloud Render Module    
Neo Marketplace    
Q1 2022    
Neo Rentable NFT    
Creators Contexts    
Private Collections    
Major NFT Partnerships    
Gaming Partnerships    
50% supply burnt    
3% Ada rewards back to holders in anticipation for the Cardano blockchain mainnet    
3% back to liquidty pool to create a stable floor    
4% back to marketing to allow the ecosystem to continuously grow    
How can we engage with the team?    
You can find us at Telegram -    
Any useful information we need to know? - website - marketplace beta    
Contract: 0x95dc2c55ade36fb2b355466d176f316195e6320b
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2021.09.16 20:41 ichillonforums Do you think NASA is a shady company?

View Poll
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2021.09.16 20:41 AccentualRye Scurati e la serie Netflix su «M»: «Ho accettato di collaborare e mi sto già pentendo. Vogliono inserire "buoni" e storie d’amore, ma c’è il rischio dell’empatia negativa. L’ufficio materie sensibili ci ha bocciato il samurai di Fiume»

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2021.09.16 20:41 sylvain147 What is your must play of 2020 < 40€ ?

Any type of game really. Just curious if I missed any must play this year and I'll try some of them.
PS4/switch would be the best for me
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2021.09.16 20:41 MissPikawaii Ignoring my responsibilies and procrastinating unpacking be like

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2021.09.16 20:41 dmniko School makes hundreds of kids carry bikes home because they didn't like how they were parked

The original post was deleted because i posted an update here on it that was not really a choosing beggars story but it was taken down from both pro and petty revenge, so here's just the plain old story, I'm not sure where to put the follow up revenge story though.
Alrighty so my school repeatedly encourages students to bike and walk to school to help with pollution, note it is extremely hot where I live so at the end of the day we are biking home in like 100+ degrees. Hundreds of the students, myself included bike to school but there are only like 10ish bike racks altogether which altogether can hold around 100 bikes in total. So if you weren't at school around 30 minutes early you wouldn't have a space to park your bike. What me and a few hundred students would do is lock our bikes to poles and things that were near the bike racks. our school has had many bike thefts on unlocked bikes which is why we do this.
So one day without any warning, not so much as even a vague email, me and hundreds of other kids come out of school to see padlocks on all of our front tires. The locks were connecting the metal brace that holds the tire to some of the tire spokes. There was a note attached to all of the locks as well that said something along the lines of "If you don't park your bike on the bike rack in the future, we will cut your bike lock and throw your bike in the dumpster. If you have any issues with this and would like the lock off of your bike come to the library and speak to Mr. (blank). So me and hundreds of other kids all went to the library to get this sorted out only to find the library closed and nobody in it so there was nothing we could do about the locks, more on this later.
This resulted in hundreds of kids, myself included, needing to carry our bikes miles through the baking sun back home. Some kids didn't notice that there was a lock on their tires and tries to bike off only to have the lock tear out the spokes from their tires which caused multiple crashes, cuts, bruises, and in one case, someone going straight into the side of a car (he wasn't hurt very badly other than bruising). When I got home I had to order some bolt cutters and wait a few days for them so I would be able to bike again.
This all happened about a week ago and just yesterday I found out that students who waited at the library for about an hour got to talk to Mr. (blank) about the bike locks only for him to tell them that they have to park their bikes on the bike locks and that he would be putting some sort of bad mark thing (I don't remember exactly what it was) on their profile which would allow collages to see that these students are disrespectful and rule breakers, (oh this is high school btw). So all of us who just carried our bikes home got off easy because those people who got the marks or whatever still had to carry their bikes because the school wouldn't take off the locks to "teach them a lesson". So now there aren't nearly as many students who bike to school which leaves parts of the bike racks open to park in, this is because a lot of students aren't able to get the locks off and their family's cant spend the money on bolt cutters.
After seeing all of the new spaces for bikes to park due to the fact that tons of kids are now not biking to school because either they still have the lock on their bikes, or they don't want their bike to get thrown away if they don't get a parking spot, the school made an announcement about how they are glad that students are now using the bike racks correctly. A few days later the school noticed that there are hundreds of kids driving to school and has made repeated announcements about how people should be walking or biking instead of driving because its better for the environment. Those announcements are being 100% ignored because students don't want to lose their bikes. The school is now working on a way to enforce students biking again instead of driving but and I quote "Will not be installing more bike racks because there are enough and our students are capable enough to deal with this issue". That's where the story is currently, I will update as more events play out. Again, if this isn't the right sub please please please let me know so i can post it in the correct one :)
Other info:
some of you were asking what the parents were doing, the parents did try contacting the school but all of their complaints got brushed aside. I never got an answer why though. ok so the follow up revenge story was taken down from pro and petty revenge and now i dont know where to post it.
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2021.09.16 20:41 TwiistPT Sup guys, potato farm issue

Sup guys, potato farm issue
Hi! I need your help, does anyone know why the first image villager gets stuck on the glass, but the second image one doesnt?
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2021.09.16 20:41 muddy_matista ISO: color glow eagles

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2021.09.16 20:41 Coucouoeuf Time to bath the horses.

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2021.09.16 20:41 asmrcipiyanist Harem ağalarının acı hikayesi

Harem ağaları hadım edilirdi. Hadım operasyonu yapılmadan önce bölge acı biber ile karıştırılmış su ile 3 defa yıkanırdı. Temizlenen bölge orak ve benzeri aletle hem testisler hem de penis mümkün olduğunca en dipten kesilirdi. Hadım etme işlemi yapıldıktan sonra penis kökündeki kanala gümüş bir iğne veya metal çubuk sokulur. Daha sonra yara soğuk su içine yatırılmış kağıt ile dikkatlice sarılırdı.
Bandajlama sonrası çocuk, iki adet bıçakçı yardımıyla birkaç saat yürütülür ve daha sonra yatırılır. Çocuk tuvalet ihtiyacını gideremeyeceği için 3 gün boyunca sıvı verilmez. Üç gün sonra bandajlar açılır ve tüp çıkartılır...
Çocuk idrarını yaparken kanama olmaz ise sorun kalmamış demektir. Aksi takdirde kanallar şişmiş demektir. Ve çocuk ölür. Yapılan bu işlemlere tutulan her yüz çocuktan ise sadece bir kaç tanesi hayatta kalmayı başarabiliyordu.
Kaynak; İslam Ansiklopedisi
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2021.09.16 20:41 savage-dragon SPOILERS: Can anyone explain me what the hell happened at the end of Iz (certain big boss fight)?? And what's up with these cutscene interruptions?

So I don't know if this section is massively bugged or what but I just finished it and I have no idea what just happened. Everything is just an anti climactic experience.
First there's a massive bug with Terendelev fight. You normally would defeat her, talk to her, and redeem her if you got the gold dragon path. However for some reasons if I reload it this option is gone and you straight up just kill her and not be able to talk to her corpse afterwards.
Then after the fight Deskari talks to you and for some reasons you are unable to run so you have to move across the map at walking pace. I don't know if this is a bug or it's a feature because of the lucust swarm, but somehow you can manage to run if you exit/enter certain buildings, but if you reload you'll be back to crawling again.
Then you proceed to a fight with Deskari. Alright this is it. The big bad guy. The fight that was promised... and then... you fight like 3 rounds, Deskari barely did anything, then suddenly a cutscene happened (AGAIN!! Seriously who the hell thinks these stupid ass cutscene interruptions are a good thing? Minagho, anyone? ). So the cutscene interrupts the fight, somehow you get some Deus Ex Machina power that suddenly happens to you right at this moment, without any context, then you throw the Deus Ex Machina at Deskari, the game says Deskari did a Reflex Save, then he flies up, cuts his scyhe on the ground, and disappears, the screen fades to black. There is no indication as to what happened at all. Everything is vague and ambiguous. You've no idea what the heck just happened.
After the fade to black, you're transported back to a safe place. There is Storyteller standing there OUT OF NOWHERE. Then the game TELLS you that Deskari is DEAD (like wtf, I barely did any damage to him). What the hell happened to SHOW DON'T Tell? I barely get to perform any action here. It's just cutscene after cutscene. If you've played till Act 5 then you know what these cutscene interruptions I talk about. But this one takes the cake. It's so bad. It's just terrible. It's bad from a game design perspective and it's bad from a storytelling perspective.
Honestly I don't know if it's a bug or what or there should be an immediate secondary 'phase' after this cutscene and the game cut it or something, but from what I see Act 5 is not only buggy but it's just unfinished. It's like it's only 90% done.
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2021.09.16 20:41 svanapps r/Monero - Wants for the Monero Ecosystem

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2021.09.16 20:41 sarazreqat19 What is your major and do you like it?

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2021.09.16 20:41 JR9981 2 Leagues, Both Have 1 Open Roster. Fantrax (FREE) H2H Keeper. Large Rosters

Hey everyone,
We have 2 leagues, 20 teams, both with the same setup and everything. They are H2H and use most categories. Large rosters (max 48) Keepers (max 38)
I will post the open/available rosters below.
If you are interested please reply below with your email address
email me [](


Brad Marchand LW - BOS Jonathan Marchessault C,LW,RW - VGK 
Andrew Copp C,LW - WPG
Tyler Johnson C - CHI David Perron LW,RW - STL Jared McCann C,LW - SEA Ryan Nugent-Hopkins C,LW - EDM Ryan O'Reilly C - STL Pavel Zacha C - NJD Pierre-Edouard Bellemare C - TBL Jake DeBrusk LW - BOS Vladislav Firstov LW - MIN Warren Foegele LW,RW - EDM 
Jamie Drysdale D
Vince Dunn D - SEA Ryan Graves D - NJD Dougie Hamilton D - NJD Alex Galchenyuk C,LW - TOR Mikael Granlund C,RW - NSH Brendan Lemieux LW - LAK Jake Neighbours LW - STL Jacob de la Rose C - STL Dustin Brown RW - LAK Anthony Duclair LW,RW - FLA Tyler Ennis LW - Nate Thompson C - PHI Jake Virtanen RW - Kevin Bahl D - NJD Samuel Bolduc (R) D Justin Braun D - PHI Justin Holl D - TOR Oliwer Kaski D - CAR Michal Kempny D - WSH Niko Mikkola D - STL Kevin Shattenkirk D Sami Vatanen D - Alex Vlasic D - CHI Sean Walker D - LAK Teddy Blueger C,LW - PIT Alex Chiasson RW - EDM Klim Kostin C - STL Nathan Legare RW - PIT Kevin Rooney C - NYR Jordan Binnington G - STL Michael Hutchinson G Anders Nilsson G - Antti Raanta G - CAR Daniel Vladar (R) G 
Patrick Marleau C,LW -

TEAM #2:
Brock Boeser RW - VAN
Mitchell Marner RW - TOR
Henrik Borgstrom C - CHI
Gabriel Landeskog LW - COL
Hendrix Lapierre C - WSH
Jared McCann C,LW - SEA
Casey Mittelstadt C - BUF
Aleksi Saarela C - FLA
Johnny Gaudreau LW - CGY
Alexander Wennberg C - SEA
Andrew Copp C,LW - WPG
Jonathan Huberdeau LW - FLA
Matt Martin LW - NYI
Jason Zucker LW - PIT
Yanni Gourde C,LW - SEA
Dawson Mercer RW - NJD
Ryan Reaves RW - NYR
Oliver Wahlstrom RW - NYI
Austin Watson LW,RW - OTT
Mike Hoffman RW
Vladimir Tarasenko RW - STL
Mark Borowiecki D - NSH
T.J. Brodie D - TOR
Dustin Byfuglien D
Cody Ceci D - EDM
Radko Gudas D - FLA
Ville Heinola (R) D - WPG
Erik Karlsson D - SJS
Kris Letang D - PIT
John Marino D - PIT
Ty Smith D - NJD
Shea Theodore D - VGK
Nikita Zadorov D - CGY
Calle Jarnkrok C,LW - SEA
Antoine Roussel LW - ARI
Sergei Bobrovsky G - FLA
Devan Dubnyk G -
Connor Hellebuyck G - WPG
Daniel Vladar (R) G - CGY
Dylan Wells (R) G - CGY
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2021.09.16 20:41 SuperAssumption I can't figure it out why this game, which involves dinosaurs and wizards, didn't make it. Dinosaurs and wizards. And a clunky Ultiva IV-inspired ambient. What went wrong? So, please, destroy my game so I can, maybe, improve it in a future update

I can't figure it out why this game, which involves dinosaurs and wizards, didn't make it. Dinosaurs and wizards. And a clunky Ultiva IV-inspired ambient. What went wrong? So, please, destroy my game so I can, maybe, improve it in a future update submitted by SuperAssumption to DestroyMyGame [link] [comments]

2021.09.16 20:40 magmameatballs any isekai when the mc reincarnates as a ghost or a ghoul or a zombie.

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2021.09.16 20:40 Sudden-Explanation22 Duncan and Beth redesigns!

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2021.09.16 20:40 prodbyvxc drake x juice wrld type beat 2021 - "magic"

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2021.09.16 20:40 Republic_of_Ash I'm 154 pounds, 5'9" tall, with a 72 inch reach. How many midgets am I sniping?

Just checked my arm span for the very first time. Was surprised it wasn't shorter. Is this a good reach for my height?
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2021.09.16 20:40 AbeYT2381 My Projects Finished Trailer!

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2021.09.16 20:40 RafZlatarov Northgard has a release date for its multiplayer (29th of September)!

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2021.09.16 20:40 NewsElfForEnterprise Here's the adorable Hyundai Casper's interior -- so cute South Korea's President ordered one

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2021.09.16 20:40 LordGold_33 Finally!

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