Introducing: The M̶u̶p̶p̶.. Unreal Show 😶

2021.09.16 20:59 bustacell Introducing: The M̶u̶p̶p̶.. Unreal Show 😶

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2021.09.16 20:59 DmitriTheRedditor2 Why Magical Secrets helps to make Bards one of the best classes.

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2021.09.16 20:59 WeeWeeBagget So busy recently! Not enough time to maintain my permavirgin redditor status

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2021.09.16 20:59 ayush12003 Gamemodes in Clash Mini and More on Challenge coins

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2021.09.16 20:59 MrChiccen Bored asf in school rn

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2021.09.16 20:59 -_10-5-18-1_- 'Shang-Chi' Could Face China Ban for 'Insults' Despite Chinese Praise

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2021.09.16 20:59 SevrPops Actually starting to like these Virgil’s sodas. Root beer’s my favorite so far

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2021.09.16 20:59 Parking-Gap3967 🔥 Prime Phoenix 🔥| Just | Stealth | Launched | Low MC | Based Dev💠

Hello BSC Boys and Girls,
🔸The Phoenix Project is a series of reward tokens that offer unique incentives to hold and gives great rewards for those that do.
🔸I think it will rekindle your passion for BSC tokens from the ashes of your wallets!
🔸The goal is to roll a crypto-snowball that grows with each Iteration around a core of delivery, trust and community.
🔸It features an innovative mechanism to combat bots, more details on that after launch.
🔸Check the tokenomics for details of the reflections and rewards that will give holders want they want immediately, predictably and sustainably.
• 🔰A series of 100% fair launched tokens starting with Prime Phoenix.
• 🔰This will be a series of tokens that will reward holders of the previous one with extra bonuses if the new token can see the previous token in the holders’ wallets.
• 🔰Every 60 mins holders will receive BUSD based on their holdings.
• 🔰Prime will feature BUSD as the reward.
• 🔰The next tokens will have rewards of DAI, ETH, ADA, XRP, CAKE
• 🔰Each Phoenix iteration will refine the anti-bot and reward mechanisms whilst making sure that holders’ reflections and rewards are tuned to repay the most diamond handed.
• 🔰An innovative anti-bot mechanism, more details in our TG (after launch!)
🚫No pre-sale nonsense, or whitelist dummy work. A pure fair-launched token to turn ashes into dreams.
✨"Whether we remain as ash or become the Phoenix is up to us."
🔥Prime Phoenix Tokenomics
🏆Symbol: PXPR
📊Total supply: 1,000,000,000
💵Token reward: 6% (BUSD)
💰‍Liquidity: 2%
🤝Marketing: 2%
🔒Liquidity Lock 1 year+:
📒CA: 0x12df592a7a6a29e8bdb52c2092358c362d4db9d6
✅ Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.16 20:59 PupperBlog She dipped her face in a mud puddle at the dog park.

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2021.09.16 20:59 ce_newgent Player Tip: Roll your own INT/WIS checks to guide your RP with low INT/WIS characters

I do this sometimes when playing low INT or low WIS characters and there's a scenario where the DM doesn't necessarily need to weigh in on whether my character knows something. (Not that I think I'm some genius or anything, but I \think* I'd be higher than an 8 or 9 INT were I a DnD character.)*

Example: I'm playing a troped out barbarian with a 7 INT. As a player, I've figured out a puzzle/riddle in a dungeon, but I feel like it should be above the head of a 7 INT character. I say to myself, "Okay. Intelligence DC 12. If I succeed, here's an in-character reason why I know the solution. If I fail, I stay mum, but maybe offer some in-character leads to help the rest of the party to solve it." *Roll my d20 and RP accordingly*
I like this as a way to guide my RP when playing low INT/WIS. Obviously there are some things you should check with your DM about, such as World Lore or Creature Stat Block details like:
Me: "Would my character know I need a silvered or magical weapon to hit this wererat?" DM: "Give me a Nature check." - or - Me: "Would my character know if they can survive the heat in the City of Brass?" DM: "Give me a History or Arcana check."
But if it's a situation like the above puzzle situation––or like, "Would my raging barbarian with low WIS come out of their enraged bloodlust to give a potion to a downed party member?"––the DM doesn't really need to make a call on those things.
But making my own ability checks can help guide my roleplaying in those instances, and has actually led to some really fun situations around the table.
Does anyone else do this as players?
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2021.09.16 20:59 KvngLxo DMX Undeground Freestyles Vol. 1 1991-1996 (Full Mixtape)

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2021.09.16 20:59 JordanHatesEA Kerchoo

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2021.09.16 20:59 Radalmemess sorry babushka

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2021.09.16 20:59 Cnaiur_likes_yaoi Spoiler question for the unholy consult

How did that little shit kelmomas get up to the golden room Like kellhus teleported up there, but little kelmomas doesn't know any sorcery and even though he's one of the few I really doubt he came up with a mega gnostic cant on his own with no pressure knowledge of sorcery Does this mean he walked through the literal battle plain all by his wee self and walked into the ark past the cunny dragon and climbed all the way up there unnoticed? Like I feel like him showing up came out of nowhere and made absolutely no sense
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2021.09.16 20:59 No-Quality8518 build chain blade with rift stalker ^^

Need a buid for my chain blade with riftstalker maybe thrax ^^ ty <3
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2021.09.16 20:59 throwaway30681100 Young pitbull showing signs of aggression out of no where

Yeesh like all my other posts, this is probably going to be long. TLDR at the bottom.
This is also not about my (22f) dog but actually my brothers (31m) dog. Last year in December, we lost our mother very expectantly. She has 3 kids, me, my brother, and my sister (35f). Both my brother and sister are married with kids and they have dogs of their own.
My mom left behind her full grown pitbull Bella that I took in until I could find a better home for her (I already have 2 dogs, work full time, couldnt reasonably keep her). My mom was very good with dogs, we had them our whole life, she loved her dogs just as much as she loved her kids. Right before she passed, Bella had a litter of puppies that were still at my moms house.
Since I took the big dog who is a bit of a handful (she takes meds to help her not have seizures, shes very hyper active, never aggressive, but you know shes a big girl that needs lots of space) my brother took the puppies.
The puppies were already promised to people (we just knew this because of conversations my mom had with us days before she passed) so we found out where they went and rehomed them pretty fast, all except for 1. We had a hard time finding who she was supposed to go to and my brother started getting attached to this little pit pup. My brother has another dog who is a hypoallergenic poodle that they have to give special food and a hypoallergenic cat that cost them like $2k. Im only including this info to paint the picture of my brother just... not being a big bully dog owner. He is a computer engineer and he loves pets, but hes not your average PITBULL owner. By the time the guy that was supposed to get the puppy, my brother had developed an attachment to this puppy and saw the pup as like.. an extension of our mother who he was very close with. Brother is a very sentimental guy.
The guy that was SUPPOSED to get the puppy understood and he ended up taking home my moms full grown pit Bella that I was holding.
So my brother decided he was going to keep the puppy. Great, we loved the idea, we told him we would help him with whatever he needs. Between the three of us, I probably have the most knowledge of dog training which... isnt a whole lot but I know enough to keep up with REAL dog trainers and know what they are talking about, keep a good convo going, whatever. My sisters husband knows A LOT more. He is still in the beginning stages of learning, but he wants to become a trainer full time eventually and all his dogs he has had have been trained like police dogs they were so well trained.
So fast forward 9 months, my brothers puppy is big as hell now and her name is Mave. My brother is a home body for sure, pandemic scares him a bit, he doesnt really go out much. His wife is very small and I am pretty sure Mave can pull her to the ground when they go on walks. (yes, I know thats a problem in itself that they WERE working on, leash training, but it takes time.) Because of this, I dont think Mave gets outside as much as she should.
My sister and I started going on walks together because HER dog also needed some socialization and my dogs are very social and well mannered. We invited Mave to come along and she always does well with us. Shes nervous, but loosens up quickly.
Heres the problem: She has started showing aggression inside the home towards my brothers other dog (the hypoallergenic poodle.) Mave is female, Boo (poodle) is male, they are both fixed, Boo is like 2 years old, the most mellow dog ive ever seen, well mannered. My brother states that Mave NEVER shows aggression towards him, his wife, or his kids, not even the cat, just Boo. He also states that its ONLY when his wife is home. He said that it started off with Mave just playing to hard, then it was only when food is around, then it randomly, NOW he says that Mave will seemingly out of no where just attack Boo. Boo will be sitting on his bed, minding his own business and Mave will simply walk over and start a dog fight that my brother has to wrestle her off of Boo.
I stated that it sounded like Mave might be guarding something in the home that Boo was to close to, but my brother said it doesnt matter where Boo is sometimes. I suggested that she might guarding a PERSON in the house since it only happens when his wife is there. He pondered that idea for a bit and said that he will pay attention to that more and see if that might be it but doesnt know what to do if THAT IS the case.
I have worked with RG with my two dogs over food and they have come a long way but thats because you dont give them a chance to have those issues with each other and eliminate stress and frustration. How do you remove an issue if the issue is a PERSON in the home?
The fights have landed Boo in the ER twice this month, one for a small tear in his ear, and another for a leg injury. My brother states that 95% of the time, Mave is well behaved, but he is losing faith in her.
There are obvious things things here like: shes not socialized, which shes not and we are working on it, but what do we do in the meantime? or rehome her, 1. that would destroy my brother and its a last resort, but shes a anxious pitbull that has aggression issues. She will either end up in the wrong hands or be put down. and last: shes aggressive, put her down, no. I mean... I dont want to consider that yet.
My brother is very prideful and doesnt like to ask for help, but at this point he has no choice so he is coming to me and my sisters husband for advice and help and we are kind of working together to figure out a solution or effective ways to help, but I wanted to post this here to see if anyone has any other suggestions.
What we are considering is keeping a lead and muzzle on her at all times until she understands that behavior isnt tolerated. So if there are signs of aggression without attack, shake (not rank, that can cause her to attack faster) the lead to break her focus and reprimand and reward. There are times when a static collar are acceptable (in our eyes) but with aggression, it can have the opposite effect and can cause the dog to develop fear based aggression. I also feel like its to late to use a static collar anyway.
He is also consulting a professional since neither of us are, but I wanted to see if anyone on here has either had experience with this or have any tips.
I dont want to give up on her yet because she means a lot to the family and she isnt helping the negative connotation towards her breed.
Any advice or experience would mean the world!
TL;DR: My brothers 9 month female pitbull is starting to show signs of aggression toward his other dog that we suspect is resource guarding a person in the home and we dont know why or how to stop it. Getting professional help, but dont know what to do in the mean time
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2021.09.16 20:59 GO-KARRT Netflix Hit With $5M Suit Over “Sexism” Of ‘Queen’s Gambit’ Line About Soviet Chess Legend

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2021.09.16 20:59 dealmaker05 Have 1.6 million vinyl gloves for sale at $3

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2021.09.16 20:59 insertrudename Hercules use the wrong gods in the movie. Hercules is the Roman name for him herakles is the Greek name. So they should named it herakles or used Roman gods

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