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Mobilum OÜ, subsidiary of Mobilum Technologies grew revenues 44% in August

2021.09.16 21:32 RashidaAndersen Mobilum OÜ, subsidiary of Mobilum Technologies grew revenues 44% in August

Mobilum OÜ, subsidiary of Mobilum Technologies has generated a record estimated record Total Transaction Volume of approximately CAD $7.7 million in August 2021, that’s a 44% month-over-month growth from the previous month.
Another subsidiary of the company, XPort Digital Limited has launched one of the fastest fiat-to-crypto on-ramp platforms with one of the cheapest prices for the top cryptocurrencies letting users by crypto with their credit cards without needing to sign up to a crypto exchange.
XPort also launched a B2B, white-label on-ramp widget that seamlessly integrates into websites and apps with javascript. NFT marketplaces have been booming, so many news ones are created each week and Mobilum offers them an on ramp solution for converting fiat to crypto.
Source: https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/mobilum-technologies-hits-record-monthly-113000525.html
This is not financial advice!
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2021.09.16 21:32 Competitive_Snow_867 My huge infected abscess tooth🖕🏾

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2021.09.16 21:32 sandpaper_cock I wanna have girlfriends :(

Like 3,maybe 4 gf's.We can all cuddle and kiss and all that stuff.It'd be cute.
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2021.09.16 21:32 openworldgamer01 What do you guys think would this be a meta?

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2021.09.16 21:32 Brayyyyyden Who should I use at the flex?

View Poll
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2021.09.16 21:32 HennyReacts Kay Dissing Ek

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2021.09.16 21:32 AutoGif Joe Biden Sign GIF by Creative Courage - Find & Share on GIPHY

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2021.09.16 21:32 Saturn_Ecplise Tomatsu Haruka casting Asuna with a slight twist......

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2021.09.16 21:32 foamingbleach Would I be Approved for CSP?

I want to get the CSP credit card but would I be approved?
Student debt $25000 (On a 10year plan to pay it off) Income $35000-40000 Credit score 735
Other cards: Discover it student card (8/18) Apply card (11/20) Chase freedom flex (8/21)
I am a recent undergrad graduate and started my masters degree. I am also working a little as I’m studying. I will be making some big purchases in the coming months and have some plans to travel with my friends next year. I recently got the freedom flex and will prob apply for CSP in 2-3 months. I also want to get the chase trifecta by the end of 2022 so With my stats, would chase approve me for the Sapphire preferred or not? Or should I go for another card?
Thank you!!
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2021.09.16 21:32 riseturicum Life is like a box of _______, you never know what your going to get.

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2021.09.16 21:32 cantfindaname11 I made my first sub-reddit (warface related) any tips?

I never made a sub-reddit before so idk join if you want,the reason it's in restricted is because i don't want people to sabotage it... then again i don't really know what im doing and it isn't really usefull so yeah might delete it
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2021.09.16 21:32 WildeWildeworden Hi, I think everyone is familiar with the famous "Kallisti" word that means 'the prettiest/fairest one'. I'm looking for atranslation that would say 'the wisest/smartest one' like that. In one word sort of. Thanks.

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2021.09.16 21:32 TrueLolzor Can Drycha Hamadreth fit a 60mm round base?

Long story short, I am a bit obsessed with finding thematically fitting gigantic players for Blood Bowl from among currently available stock (because I can actually obtain it). Gigantic players must around 4 blood bowl squares big, which is usually a 60mm round base.
So far I've found that Beast of Nurgle works perfectly for Nurgle Rotters, Fomoroid Crusher works well for most "bad guys" teams, and Vargskyr from Cursed City is a good fit for undead teams.
I'm struggling to find good candidates for "good guys" teams. Drycha Hamadreth caught my eye. She looks very good, is unarmed (big plus for a blood bowl game, I really don't wanna models brandishing non-blood bowl related weapons on the pitch), and fits elven teams. The big question is, is she small enough to fit a 60mm round base? I couldn't find any size comparison of her to any model other than little tree guys she comes with.
Would appreciate any info on her size from owners or just knowledgable people.
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2021.09.16 21:32 deadinside72 Can I not keep farming for veggies?

I like the " farming your toppings " part of the game. Can i continue doing it now that I've finished Chapter 4. Would the topping buddies for it be available?
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2021.09.16 21:32 BloodMossHunter how do i get this style? css listed didnt do it

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2021.09.16 21:32 Wilson__Volleyball Do you have a bad motor scooter ?

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2021.09.16 21:32 AutoGif Happy Formula 1 GIF by McLaren - Find & Share on GIPHY

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2021.09.16 21:32 DeegleBrothersGaming Feedback for a homebrew campaign idea.

[5E] ideas/suggestions wanted! Tell me I'm dumb if I am, I am designing a homebrewed campaign where my players will find themselves starting the game in Baphomets lair in the Abyss. They will not have knowledge of how they got to where they are (a little backstory here, a PC warlock in a previous campaign chose Baphomet as his pact fiend/demon and was charged with the task of sending characters to his lair to hunt and play with). The PC's in this new campaign were subject to the Warlocks capturing and are know in Baphomets lair. Baphomet has now decided However that he wants to end his feud with Yeenoghu once and for all and is grooming this new party to take care of Yeenoghu as the gnoll lord will not be expecting it. Baphomet has struck a deal with Graz'zt to groom the party and Graz'zt will be the players main point of contact through the game (he will be formed as a human going by the name Gray). I want to give the players the illusion that they are in a regular plane of existence but slowly drop hints that all is not what it seems but I don't want to be too obvious that they have found themselves in the abyss especially at low levers (starting at level 1). The players will repeatedly be put up against gnolls and beast like creatures as well as cultists of Yeenoghu in hopes to cause hatred towards them and see minotaur as helpful creatures so when the players eventually see what's happening it will give then a dilemma on which side to help/destroy. Do they destroy Yeenoghu who they have become to hate or do they destroy Baphomey and Graz'zt for playing this horrible trick on them, do they embrace the abyss or attempt to escape at the end?
Is this too far fetched? is this a dumb, terrible campaign idea? Will my players find out too quickly where they actually are causing the campaign to derail? Feedback greatly appreciated!
If the post makes no sense, please let me know, my brain was just sitting out words through this post lol.
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2021.09.16 21:32 the_frank_rizzo Redman back in stock (no notification)

I was just browsing and noticed Redman, Muddy Waters was back in stock. I clicked the notify me button when it wasn’t in stock but never received an email that it was back. Same thing with The Doors. Not sure what’s going on with notifications but super excited to snag Muddy Waters!
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2021.09.16 21:32 mateus9868 jogo doom e nao saio matando demonios

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2021.09.16 21:32 curiouseJ Clean the bones!

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2021.09.16 21:32 PerformedPrune2 What did you name your car?

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2021.09.16 21:32 toepopsicle Type my handwriting!

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2021.09.16 21:32 Ninni51 Which class features would not have made the cut from today's standards?

What the title says. I see many features, such as Paladin's Aura of Protection (too strong, breaks bounded accuracy) or the Ranger's Primeval Awareness (completely useless) that, if passed in front of 100 people who were responsible for the balance of the game with today's awareness would not have made it to print without severe changes.
Which feature, in your opinion, shouldn't have made the cut in terms of balance?
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2021.09.16 21:32 thezigzagfin 33 [M4A] trying to get back into Snapchat so need new friends

And Here I am so you can see me. Send me your snap.
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