The Witchlight Carnival visits the town of Edelgrimm

2021.09.16 21:47 WorldOfEvenwicht The Witchlight Carnival visits the town of Edelgrimm

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2021.09.16 21:47 bluelightbalm Alma is such a good child actress

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2021.09.16 21:47 vernacollins1962 Get $10 with my Wealthsimple Trade referral code.

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2021.09.16 21:47 DRRIVRDRRIVR Gear util not working

So I downloaded the gear util mod from dawgvinci discord it's installed but it doesn't open when I press G any help is appreciated
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2021.09.16 21:47 Mike_Brosseau Rays Lineup 9/16 vs lefty

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2021.09.16 21:47 LordOfMaggots More like Johnson Trash, amiright?

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2021.09.16 21:47 Humoristic96 What's your favorite, most romantic love scene ever in the Choice's universe?

Like, the ultimate love that you remember from the books? It could be a first kiss, or something more.
A love scene makes you go "wow, that was a fantastically written".
I will go first - that Jake kiss underwater when MC and him go underwater. I remember I've got the chills.
But there is that CG scene of Ian/Ina kissing in the rain that makes me go wow.
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2021.09.16 21:47 SebastiaoTheCat Someone explain me something

I was a huge fan of The Walking Dead but at some point I couldn’t watch it anymore, it got so boring and lame and unrealistic and I stoped watching, if my memory doesn’t fail me it was around season 7 or 8 that I said bye 👋 I’m only writing here because I was scrolling on Instagram and some publicity of The Walking Dead showed up, there were some photos and one of them was Negan and Maggie together just chilling, having a little stroll in the woods, how is it possible for the show to get to this point ? Did Negan had a twin she killed and this is the nice new twin ???
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2021.09.16 21:47 Molgera95 [Ps4] Does anyone want to summon me to help me farm Vertebra Shackles?

I have tried farming in the catacombs for hours with no luck and it’s draining my humanity.
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2021.09.16 21:47 tossawayjay Two years in with my Carvana purchase (positive review)

Just figured an update after having my car for 2 years. In late September 2019 I purchased a 2018 Nissan Murano SL (they had every feature I wanted such as leather, panoramic roof, upgraded stereo, etc) for a way cheaper price than any dealer in my area.
I used Capital One financing (I have been a CapOne customer for 20 years) and it couldn't have been easier. I ordered the car on a Wednesday, got the financing squared away by Friday and the car was delivered the following Tuesday I believe.
At the time I had a 2006 Lexus GS that lived forever and was in amazing shape but had 200,000ish miles, but their offer was pretty low so I ended up just donating it.
I remember getting a call that the flat bed was delayed, but a Carvana rep would drive my car to me and Uber back to their office (about 25 miles away). The rep showed up, I drove the car around the block and signed some forms and that was it.
Took it to my local mechanic the next day - was told the car was in tip top shape (had about 25,000 miles on it) but the car needed a state inspection.
Got the plates maybe 3 weeks later.
I called my Carvana rep, he told me to get it inspected, pay for it and send them the invoice.
Did all of that, they mailed me a check to cover it.
Besides new tires this year and regular oil changes, the car has been a dream and the process couldn't have been easier.
Hope this helps someone who is considering.
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2021.09.16 21:47 fsa317 Impact of cover alignment on grading

How does a cover that isn't properly aligned due to manufacturing issues (not wear and tare) impact grading? I am referring to situations where part of the back cover is seen on the front.
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2021.09.16 21:47 Bossadai TIL Yu Narukami is playable in Tales of Arise

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2021.09.16 21:47 CyberJump 🎮 Drake NFT 🎮 Play-to-Earn NFT Blockchain Game on BSC • Multiplayer RPG • TechRate Audited • Presale Mid September

⚡️ ABOUT DRAKE - “Drakes” is a real-time PvP game in which players can earn tokens through turn-based battles - “Drakes” is the First blockchain Play-to-Earn multiplayer RPG - Drakes is the Game of the new age in DeFi Gaming industry. You can farm, fight, upgrade your characters, enjoying the great lore, global quests and events.
Join the Drakes world and build a powerful team or a solo squad to battle against other players!
🎮 GAMEPLAY FEATURES - Battle : PvP model of battles 3 vs 3 Dragons - Breeding : Drakes can be fused to create new Drakes in order to enhance their stats. - Away-from-keyboard (AFK) rewards mechanic : AFK reward mechanics allow players to gain $DRKE even when they are offline - Play to Earn : $DRKE earned in the game can be exchanged for Drakes. Drakes can be exchanged on NFT markets - Farming

💸 PRESALE INFO - Presale Soft Cap: 300 BNB - Presale Hard Cap: 600 BNB - Min. allocation: 0.1 BNB - Max. allocation: 2 BNB - Private sale rate: 1 BNB = 500000 $DRKE - Presale rate: 1 BNB = 450000 $DRKE - Listing rate: 1 BNB = 400000 $DRKE - Whitelist competition: 🚀
📆 PROJECT CALENDAR - September 19th at 20:00 PM UTC - whitelist presale contest ends! - September 20th at 15:00 PM UTC- announcement of winners - September 21th - presale - September 21th - listing on pancake swap
JOIN DRAKENFT COMMUNITY - Website: - Twitter: - Telegram Announcement: - Telegram: - Medium:
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2021.09.16 21:47 8bitjackdaly Best colour packaging?

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2021.09.16 21:47 0xCryptoLight Migration to /r/crystlfinance

Hey #CrystalCrew!
Our new subreddit is now live: For all future posts, communications, & to stay connected - please navigate over there!
Also, we will be hosting an AMA in the new subreddit on September 18, 1700 UTC - best questions will win $30 in $CRYSTL! See you there :)
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2021.09.16 21:47 Feralborn_Trading House Rule: Dropping to O Hit Points - free, features and PDF link in comments [oc][art]

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2021.09.16 21:47 cheesebob64 Just got this game brand new. Can’t wait to play it!😍

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2021.09.16 21:47 aMinhaConata Chapter sixTEEN

Just wanted to say that I love the way the narrator from the audiobook says the chapter number in such an aggressive way, especially the chapters in the teens
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2021.09.16 21:47 Samwarrizzle Where my hoops mains at?

Where my hoops mains at?
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2021.09.16 21:47 Froyav2 Oh boy..

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Hello Oblaks! Courtesy of u/EA_Antwan & EA, we are giving away either National Heroes 108 Special version Neymar, 108 OVR Son or 107 OVR Salah! To enter the giveaway all you need to do is comment the player you'd want post and a winner will be drawn tomorrow! How to claim the reward, instructions will be sent to winner directly. Side to side difference between normal & special version Neymar (Courtesy of u/FranginFM): Which player would you choose? Best of luck to all of you!
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2021.09.16 21:47 ecliptic10 Recurring Spikes, an Ape Ahead of his Time, and the Uncovering of Naked Shorts circa 2005: The Story of Zann Corp.

Recurring Spikes, an Ape Ahead of his Time, and the Uncovering of Naked Shorts circa 2005: The Story of Zann Corp. Intro and initial comments: I went in trying to see whether Zann Corp could shed any light on whether this CS frenzy will do anything to our stonk, as I am hesitant on the whole CS issue (pls don't downvote me for that thnx). I came out posting whatever this is. Keep in mind the stock prices are inflated, I think because constant diluting of shares starting in 2001, so the values shown on the graph weren't the actual dollar values of the stock at the time they occurred.
TL;DR: Zann Corp. is one of the zombie stocks, Dr. Simpson, basically a founder of Zann Corp., figured out what was happening to his company even before 2005 so he decided to buy up all of a company called Global Link to prove his thesis (a true ape). He then resigned the year after because, I assume, he couldn't do anything about it, idk ask him.
Now, onto the post:
Introducing, Zann. Corp f/k/a Investra Enterprises Inc (filings through 12/16/1991); f/k/a Pathobiotek Diagnostics Inc/TX (filings through 5/24/2001); and f/ka ATNG Inc (filings through 12/1/2004). I will likely be using these names interchangeably but will be breaking down the path that these companies took to become one company, so sorry for any confusion.
The purpose of Pathobiotek was to work on technology that advanced the cure for MS, CFS, and other immune disorders. See Form 8-K, filed 3/7/2000.
Pathobiotek registered with the SEC on 12/16/1999, which is when it filed its Form 10-SB. At that time, 1M shares were authorized but 672,000 shares were issues and outstanding.
From Form 10-SB (1999)
On March 6, 2000, Pathobiotek Diagnostics, Inc. merged with Investra Enterprises, Inc. Basically, Pathobiotek bought Investra's 672,000 outstanding shares for $150k and Investra got sucked into Pathobiotek.
From Form 8-K (3/7/2000)
Fast forward to around Feb 2001:
Zann Corp: Feb 2000 - Aug 2002 = a lot of movement
The price of this stock went from $4,680 on 2/2/2001 to a whopping $588,000 on 2/12/2001, only 10 days later. That's an increase of 24,400%.
On June 7, 2001, Pathobiotek filed a notice announcing that there would be a Special Meeting of Shareholders on June 28, 2001 to vote on certain matters, the most relevant for the purposes of this post, being (a) a reverse split of 40-1; and (b) an increase of authorized shares to 100M @ $0.0001 per share. See Form PRE 14C, filed 6/12/2001. The shareholder meeting was rescheduled for July 16, 2021, but the proposals remained the same. See Form DEF 14C, filed 6/21/2001. Another notable change for this new filing: outstanding shares now stated to be 19,885,947.
Funny thing is they didn't even care about proxies because 8 parties held 67% of the votes entitled to be cast, and they all indicated they were in favor of the 4 resolutions being voted on. Id.
40:1 Reverse Stock Split
On June 6, 2021 the stock closed at $378 according to the Yahoo graph I pasted above, which was still pretty high, comparatively. At this point, the number of outstanding shares was up to 19.89M and would effectively be reduced to around 500k after the reverse stock split.
Now, from what I understand, all these numbers are all over the place because of stock split events and dilutions and whatnot, maybe a wrinklier brain can explain if anyone is interested. But we can gather the following information from this proposal:
price per share as reported by OTCBB (Form PRE 14C)
It looks like the price per share moved up "drastically" during the first quarter of both 1999 and 2000.
High: $12k on 1/15/1999, which I guess was actually $1.18
High of $21k on 3/13/2000, which I guess was actually $1.75
So why do a reverse stock split? Well, on May 24, 2001, the closing price of the stock was $0.06 per share, and the board wanted to increase the price to one more appropriate for an exchange listed security. Although the stock had risen massively in the Feb 2001 run-up, it was still priced low af.
Increasing Outstanding Shares to 100 Million shares
The second proposal I'm highlighting was to increased the amount of shares able to be authorized to 100 million. The board believed this was a good thing because they felt like the "expanded business purpose of the Company will allow it to seek other business opportunities."
Board of Directors at that time
Shares owned by the Board as of April 21, 2001
On September 25, 2001, the company merged into and became ATNG Acquisition, Inc. The number of shares able to vote as of October 21, 2001 was reported to be 28,333,762. See Form SC 14F1, filed 11/2/2001. And whales of the stock increased:
Owners of more than 5% of ATNG Inc. and their respective roles (pg 1)
Owners of more than 5% of ATNG Inc. and their respective roles (pg 2)
On April 10, 2006, Robert Simpson resigned as Director and Vice President. I wonder why, if he was around from the very beginning?
Take notes if you're currently drafting a resignation letter lol
Another user made a post 5 days ago with a write-up of an article about Zann Corp., titled Naked Shorting: The curious incident of the shares that didn't exist. Check that out if you're interested in reading it yourself, but here are the highlights:
  • Michigan-based entrepreneur Robert Simpson paid a little over $5,000 for 1,285,050 shares in OTC company Global Links.
  • Although Global Links had only issued 1,158,064 shares, Simpson managed to acquire 126,986 shares that did not exist. The next day, 37,044,500 Global Links shares were traded on the bulletin board. The day after, 22,471,000 shares were traded.
  • Simpson insists he diamond handed that shit.
  • Since November 2003, Zann Corp's stock price plummeted over 98%. Simpson claims this makes no sense, since his company performed relatively well.
  • Simpson believed his company was subject to severe naked short selling.
The post/article goes on to explain how that can happen, bla bla bla [insert everything you've learned over the past 9 months here].
Now here's the interesting part. Simpson bought these shares in February 2005.
According to this other ape user post, titled Ryan Cohen's Play of the Century - The History, The Set Up, & The Final Play (check that out if you're interested also), there was an article written by Liz Moyer in 2006 that revealed that trade settlement failures in early February 2005 were 27 times greater that the total number of shares in existence.
Methinks our boy Simpson figured out what was happening even before 2005, but proved it to himself in 2005 by literally buying up Global Links and experimenting (LOL, where u at, Silverback Simpson?!), then resigned in 2006, leaving his legacy with Zann Corp. to die in the OTC grave like so many other stocks. FYI the last filing for Zann Corp was in 2013, but they filed a Form 15-12G titled Securities Registration Termination in 2007, which is when I think the company officially went bye bye.
Speaking of...
Zann Corp.
Zann Corp was one of the OTC zombie stocks that came to life this year. That high peak on July 12, 2021 was $0.0253, and the price on December 17, 2020 was $0.0024. Zann Corp, meaning that a company that officially said bye bye market in 2007 increased by 954.167% throughout THIS year...AND IS STILL RISING.
Y'all, we knew this has been going on since forever, but this is insane and Dr. Simpson knew exactly what was happening. He also bought up a whole company just to prove he was right. If he was willing to do an AMA regarding what happened with his company, I'd be all ears!
I believe his journey might possibly shine a light on how the SEC and DTCC react to us "proving" that Gamestop is shorted to oblivion. I didn't dig into the Global Link...well, so that's where this DD stops. Thanks for reading.
Post-Conclusion Note:
I'm flairing this as "DD" because I spent time I should've been working digging into Zann Corp., but I initially wanted flair it "Possible DD" because I didn't go enough in-depth, so if any apes want to take this information and run with it, there's still some interesting areas to explore with this info. Especially if you're looking specifically at Zann Corp and the actors involved, what actually caused the stonk's decline in 2006-2007, and the SEC and DTCC's reaction to all this back in 2005, then...
Put your DD skills to the test!
TL;DR: Zann Corp. is one of the zombie stocks, Dr. Simpson figured out what was happening to his company even before 2005 so he decided to buy up all of a company called Global Link to prove his thesis (a true ape). He then resigned the year after because, I assume, he couldn't do anything about it, idk ask him.
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2021.09.16 21:47 ResponsibilityFew808 El chavo del San andreas EZ Clap

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2021.09.16 21:47 Narrow-Tap7645 Could lick every inch of that buthole

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2021.09.16 21:47 Jannick_Oliver Fearing the changes you crave

I dont know if this is just me being the anxious person I am, or if this is perfectly normal. I'm planning on getting my name changed tomorrow, as well as my gender. A third option sadly is only available to intersex people, so I will settle for male and while still being a bit torn, I have decided on a name too. Still, I feel so anxious about pulling through with it, of the possible consequences and the way people that know me will react. Same thing goes for my hair, I want it cut so bad, but I'm so scared to do it. Hormones used to be a similar issue,but I dont regret having managed to push myself to do it after such a long time. The only thing I have no doubts or anxieties about is top surgery.
In the meantime, my roommate, who is a trans woman seems so certain about everything, hormones, her name change, surgeries and what not. She seems to always know exactly what she wants in her transition without fear or doubt.
It's just something that has been bothering me a lot.
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