The little dude that my youngest kid found at the park. Apparently it only like carrots & lettuce, very picky

2021.09.16 21:38 technofox01 The little dude that my youngest kid found at the park. Apparently it only like carrots & lettuce, very picky

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2021.09.16 21:38 unovayellow Are going to vote?

Please do, voting is important, please make your voice heard
View Poll
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2021.09.16 21:38 Klade_76 Shootout Heroes on

Shootout Heroes on
For all soccer lovers a shootout kicks game for windows with career progression.
Check it out at:
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2021.09.16 21:38 unicorn_flower Need a desktop for coding

Currently have a Microsoft surface but would like a desktop. I’ll be going to school and will need two monitors and need something to run smoothly for schoolwork and general stuff. Any recommendations on what to get? Is an all in one desktop any good? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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2021.09.16 21:38 bozotheboson To all the sensationalists and people perpetuating misinformation by saying classes will be online, I would like to say, fuck you.

An email from the president of the university.
"In-person activity will resume on Monday, September 20, with previously announced rules around mandatory masking, vaccination or enrolment in regular rapid testing. Effective Monday, September 20, anybody non-compliant with the University of Calgary’s COVIDSafe Campus program will not be permitted on campus."
Starting/perpetuating rumors based upon things you think are going to happen and by assuming that governing bodies such as university admin are inherently ill intented, you are just as bad as the antivaxxer mentality that got us into this mess. Please think clearly about the evidence available next time rumors start spreading and realize victim mentality is extremely toxic and the source to a lot of problems in society.
Sensationalism leads to misinformation and misinformation is the enemy of reason.
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2021.09.16 21:38 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Property Damage S CC 215 and S DURANGO DR; S WB OFF RAMP 09/16/2021 12:31:49 PM
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2021.09.16 21:38 quantumturbo [Image] I got this to remind myself I'm moving forward and getting better.

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2021.09.16 21:38 bambiartistic Finally finished my L’Oréal Infallible Setting spray!

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2021.09.16 21:38 starrypothos What Can I Grow?

Hello everyone. I live in NJ, zone 7, and am looking for some more unique orchids to grow inside. My house usually sits around 70-75 degrees, 50-55 percent humidity, and I have medium-bright light. Temps drop a bit inside in the winter, it gets chilly! I can grow phals and oncidiums easy-peasy. They've done so well. Trying my hand at a coconut orchid, psychopsis orchid, a cattleya, and a brassavola at the moment. So far, so good.
I have enough light to grow carnivorous plants side by side with orchids.
What else could I handle? I have very bright sun and hot temps in the summer, but I don't think it's enough to sustain a vanda or dendrobiums all year round combined with my grow lights in winter. I feel like the cattleya I have could probably squeak by.
Is it reasonable to try out miltoniopsis or masdevallias? As I said it doesn't get too hot indoors, and miltoniopsis are so, so, so beautiful to me. Also planning on getting a paph soon.
Would love your opinions on what else to try out. The wackier the better.
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2021.09.16 21:38 DylUlenspegel Redtards will be like

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2021.09.16 21:38 NowMuseumNowUDont Lookers from Central NC

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2021.09.16 21:38 anjgaming [grade 11 math] completing imperfect squares

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2021.09.16 21:38 ChampionshipDry4767 23M East coast/anywhere. Tell me something unique or interesting about you!

Hey! Nice to meet you whoever is reading this!
I'm a 23-year-old computer networking major in college, I do power lifting and play some games as hobbies. Some of my primary interests include hikes, a good scary movie, or just sitting down and enjoying a book. I'm really am open book about me or my interests so if I missed anything, you'd be curious about feel free to ask!
Send me a chat!
Also, tell me about you, what’s your favorite hobby?
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2021.09.16 21:38 wertyberty23 Indian pen day!

Left to right - Wality 69LG (Wality fine nib) eyedropper
Star One 71J Jumbo (generic Indian fine) CC pen
Gama No.8 (Gama fine nib replaced with Kanwrite EEF nib) eyedropper
Airmail 69LC (Wality fine nib) eyedropper
Star One Century (generic Indian fine) CC pen
A great haul for what was a impulse buy. I went to to buy some kanwrite nibs as they so cheap there and saw these and as they were so cheap, the most expensive the wality 69LG was only £4.50 and I was curious about the star one pens as I had not seen them before and wanted to see what the quality was like. I have to say I am really impressed as all of them are great pens and write really well. The nibs on the Star One pens really surprised me as they were generic nibs and I expected to have to replace the ( I even bought 2 extra kanwrite EEF nibs to fit in them) but they are fantastic fine writers.
I am really happy - one of the best impulse pen buys I have ever made!
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2021.09.16 21:38 RainingJayy My thoughts on swain and why hes great as apc

I've been spamming this since august last year when he got the mini rework where swain's passive is an infinitely stacking ability and thats when i theory crafted to play him as a bot laner. Of course when i mentioned this to my other friends in diamond+ they all told me how bad of an idea it was and that it would never work out, yet a year later it's one of the highest wr "ADCs" right now.
I just answered a poll on this subreddit and realised very few of u guys play adc swain so i thought maybe i could intrigue you guys to pick it up in the botlane.
1)Swain's mini rework to his passive,q and w Swain has a 10sec cd (SCALES WITH ABILITY HASTE!) on his pull that gives him sustain and 5 max health, and with a heavy cc support to increase the chances of you getting a free pull + 2 targets to try and get stacks from instead of 1, it's much easier to get this stacking compared to that of a support swain or solo lane swain solely because of your support being able to help land some form of CC. The reason why i prefer this over sp swain is because you have to rely on your own cc and not your ADC's since the only ones that can provide any would be jhin w, vayne e, cait w jinx e and xayah e, not to mention their abilities aren't on short cooldowns and are their engage/peeling tools so it would be a waste to use it just for a soul. Since swain's mini rework last year, his q can now hit like a TRUCK and is practically a shotgun. As an adc main who always gets one shot by assassins that can make it into your face melee range, swain really makes life much easier combatting these champs by just one shotting them with one q. Swain's w is also incredibly useful, not only is it a zoning ability that can slow and give you souls, it's great for scouting out the enemy jungle camps and important objectives while keeping such a safe distance so it's like a very precise ashe hawkshot that does damage and gives you sustain. Since the w range is so massive, you can also sneak in a w to the midlane for a free assist and a stack for your dark seal. Not to mention the clutch dragon/baron steals with his W, those are really crazy moments.
2)More gold for items Swain can do so much damage when ahead especially when handfed gold. Last season i would always rush ROA into liandries and zhonyas but since this season had a massive item rework, i've discovered 2 different builds: the burst build and the dps build. I'll talk about them in depth later on.
Swain is somewhat weak early and has no threat level 1 so your only goal is to auto the wave for level 2 (1st wave and all 3 melees in 2nd wave) and look for trades with e>w>pull for 2-3 souls every time it's off cooldown. Once you hit 6 you can just all in with ulti and burst them down. If you have trouble landing you e, some tricks i used were to hide my animations with autos or q and immediately press e right after the animation goes off.(this is because all of swains abilities are done with his demonic hand, so it's harder to notice when he's practically doing 2 actions at once). Another tip during laning phase is that most of the time when ADCs autopilot they like to sit right next to if not on the caster minions so you can exploit this by using e and hitting these minions with the tip such that the explosion radius of your e can root the enemy champion along with it, allowing for some good setup for more souls. Once you have ulti, the more people you heal off/damage in your ulti radius, the more damage your ulti will do by the end of the entire channel (up to a cap, when the line below your mana bar turns red means it will do its maximum amt. of damage for R2) usually late game you want to make picks with w and e or use passive to follow up on your teammates' plays. Sometimes you might want to hold onto your ult until you know the entire enemy team is commited to the fight because sometimes they may just want to bait out your ulti and run away, only to reengage once you dont have that ability up.
You want to max Q>W>E Since Q is your low CD damaging ability and W slow,reveal time,and cooldown all are affected by level, it would make sense to level it by this order.
For the normal dps build: (Precision tree) Conqueror presence of mind legend tenacity coup de grace/last stand (domination tree) cheap shot ultimate hunter
These runes allow you to have enough mana sustain since swain's souls no longer refund mana and cheap shot helps give a burst of damage when you pull someone with your passive. Conqueror essentially makes you like an ap bruiser with your ulti as you go in and just suck everyone off lmao
For the burst build: (domination tree) dark harvest cheap shot eyeball collection ultimate hunter (precision tree) presence of mind coup de grace/last stand
I didnt come up with this build but instead a friend of mine introduced me to this masters swain adc main in my server(garena) who was using a unique build and i went to watch his replays to understand this playstyle. Essentially it is a more self reliant swain playstyle where u rely on either your e or everfrost to land roots to pull for more souls. However, since this is more for bursting rather than staying in the centre of a fight for long, you might want to treat this playstyle abit more traditionally like an adc in a sense where you might want to sit abit back without getting caught out with abilities and just delete people with q
Item builds:
For the normal dps build:
Liandries>sorc/Marmoucdr boots>Demonic embrace/Zhonyas>Demonic embrace/Zhonyas
This double burn build shreds tanks and constantly applies the burn to everyone around your area with your ulti, as well as the rest of your abilities. My favourite pairing with swain ulti is zhonyas because it literally makes swain become lissandra 2.0 where you are untargetable yet you heal so much in such a short span of time since your ulti ticks and heals you while in stasis.
a perfect example of this is one of my clips here:
Otherwise, swain has alot of flexibility for his last few items, he can either opt into tanky items or more ap. spirit visage gives good MR and boosts your healing, which is so important on swain. Gargoyles is also another good item i would go since its shield is based off of BONUS HEALTH, which not only do you get from your passive, but also from your demonic embrace, which would give you a decently sized shield in the middle of a battle. Any other normal tank item works too like: thornmail,abyssal mask, frozen heart, force of nature, randuins etc. As for ap items, he works well with rabadons, rylais, void scepter(if they are spamming MR into their builds), cosmic drive, morellos and banshees.
For the burst build:
Everfrost>sorc/cdr boots>rylais> rabadons/void/cosmic drive
This build focuses on raw ap and making you stack up as much as you can. Don't forget to get a dark seal early on so u can start stacking. With this build, i've almost consistently have my q at a point where it does 1.1k ap each time i use it, which is pretty crazy given that you can realistically 1-2shot any adc when you are in melee range of them. Since you have everfrost, you have 2 tries at landing one of your cc abilities on an enemy to start stacking up and just burst them by the amount of damage your R2 and q can do instantly. Since by the end of this you would have 5 items(assuming you have mejais), your last item once again is very flexible and can either be tanky or full damage, your choice.
An example of this variation of swain can be seen here:
Hopefully i touched up on everything there is because i can't think of anything else and i took a solid hour typing this out lol so if any of u have any questions please do feel free to ask them because i wld love to answer them!
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2021.09.16 21:38 420greg Putting gear in the right order

I have a small 10u rack I use in my home office. the top - power strip, tuner, spectrum, hdmi switcher, drawer, routeswitch, brush panel, fans, blue ray. There is a directv genie behind the fan panel. My new TV has enough HDMI ports that I am losing the hdmi switcher (the eq will go here) and changing the 2u fans to 1u fans to make room for the rackmount preamp. The turntable and tube preamp are going on a separate turntable rack.
I am adding a turntable, a tube preamp (mainly for headphones during the day), a rackmount preamp that has a phono input and an aux input for my tuner, and a dual channel eq. I already have a spectrum analyzer and powered samsung speakers.
He is what I am thinking.
1 BY ONE Belt Drive Turntable to the Rockville PPA20 Preamp Professional phono input.
Rack mounted tuner to the Rockville PPA20 aux 1 input.
Tape out of the Rockville PPA20 to the Spectrum analyzer. *if the tape out wont drive the spectrum analyzer the I can loop the line out thru it
Line out of the Rockville PPA20 Preamp Professional to the Ibanez GE1502 EQ.
EQ out to the DOUK Audio P1 Tube Preamp.
DOUK Audio P1 Tube Preamp line out to the powered Samsung surround aux input.
This is all going to be wired with RCA cables.
Do I have this is the right order?
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2021.09.16 21:38 Reasonable_Exam_7880 Bring this shii back ...Good Fits

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2021.09.16 21:38 deadybear Connect Record Player to Multizone Audio

Hi All, I'm renoing my house and thanks to all or your posts I think I have a good handle on getting the basement tv room/rec room in good order. We're wiring for 8.2.2, running cat6 everywhere, and including a multizone amp for whole home audio. I want to put my record player on the main floor and connect it to a both a dedicated amp and speakers upstairs, but also the multizone amp (Soundavo WS66i) located next to the rec room in the basement. I've got in-ceiling speakers for the main floor and back yard that'll be connected to the multizone amp. What I'm struggling with is what kind of cable to run between the phono amp upstairs and the multizone in the basement. It'll be about 40ft and I can't find RCA cable that long, just some digital coax cable with an RCA plug. Will this carry the audio signal from phono-amp to multizone amp with the full fidelity? Cheers.
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2021.09.16 21:38 the_average-guy Check me

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2021.09.16 21:38 BloodySerpentX Aww, doesn’t she look cute! Wait…

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2021.09.16 21:38 innosflew German city seeks to ban far-right 'Hang the Greens' posters

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2021.09.16 21:38 surelypotato Hear me out but—

~emergency prosciutto~
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2021.09.16 21:38 wasnt_in_the_hot_tub AWS CLI - please check my logic (EKS update-kubeconfig)

Running the command aws eks update-kubeconfig in the AWS CLI should only update a local kubeconfig on the system where this command is run, right? Basically I'm under the impression this command should not affect any preexisting authentication configuration on the EKS cluster itself — am I wrong to think this?
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2021.09.16 21:38 KetchupKing33 test

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2021.09.16 21:38 ecPixel Elite Dungeon Progress Question

I'm on a 4 player team, all F2P lvl 94: Assassin, Mage, Shaman, and Warrior. Team's BP is 8,584,739. We're all stuck in Elite Dungeon Fire Continent Shiny Big Tongue Flower King 3rd star. It saids flower king "current level Lv. 83"
Is this an indication that my team sucks and that our BP don't even match a lvl 83 team? I thought we were doing ok for F2P, we're at Ancient Ruins 140... but I guess not.
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