Boiler Room : TxC | Boiler Room SYSTEM: Amapiano London

2021.09.16 20:04 reddit_feed_bot Boiler Room : TxC | Boiler Room SYSTEM: Amapiano London

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2021.09.16 20:04 nickdodson_ Calabara

Hey OpensourceDemocracy,
We are building Calabara, a document editing and collaboration tool to allow communities to work on open source documents together. One interesting idea that some users have suggested is to use our file difference features to track the lifetime of a bill or how a candidates views change over time. If you're interested, head over to our site and join our slack as we build it out!
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2021.09.16 20:04 Bubbly-Gear-7827 What the hell of this is on tradingview? 👀👀

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2021.09.16 20:04 One2ThreeJewelry Branch Ring (14k gold, natural diamonds)

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2021.09.16 20:04 cybernewtype2 SALY No Jutsu

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2021.09.16 20:04 WhozWho Pokemon Blazing Red Nuzelocke @Tipsyalchemist Come Through and Chill as always F4F just let me know down below :)
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2021.09.16 20:04 goodra999 moon

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2021.09.16 20:04 Zupsterre What is the only thing one can do once they have aids?

Stay positive.
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2021.09.16 20:04 DeviceForward9899 Is this normal?

I was out biking today on a gravel road. I was the only biker out, that I could see, and at this point there weren’t any cars around me. I was going up this hill and this car came up behind me, slowed way down and was tailing me all the way up the hill. I got super creeped out, and then at the top of the hill he came up right next to me and then sped off. I feel like this guy was just a dick, but I don’t know. Mostly just needed to get my thoughts out there about it.
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2021.09.16 20:04 Supermantrix19 LF squad! 90ovr 2-way threat sf. trying to run 3s on park. PS5 psn: ReckHerGuts

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2021.09.16 20:04 nesstestedBR Then there’s the Alabaman

Alabaman that didn’t know the difference
Between incest and arson…
He burned his sister.
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2021.09.16 20:04 NSAWrestling NSA Wrestling Monday Fight Night Dec 8 22
||Come read about the Fight night after money in the bank goes down! With the show opening with Kenny Omega asking for a mic and the ring for 10 minutes let's see what he has to say! Edge and Ventura one on one in the main event in a extreme rules match, with FTR making there NSA Wrestling debut.||
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2021.09.16 20:04 305FUN Bonesmen and Redmen from DG with 160th SOAR. [1800×889]

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2021.09.16 20:04 mysticgypsee A Post of Appreciation for All the Tapers: THANK YOU!

Thinking today about how much we owe to all of the kind folks out there taping these shows, in all sorts of weather and crowd conditions. The commitment to taping is something that should be applauded everyday. I mean ya gotta watch your rig, your equipment, it's costly and there's so much skill and work involved in taping the shows, getting the mix right and all the other technical things I know very little about but can only imagine.
All the shows up on the archives, all the shows that ever were...some of us still have those tapes...all of that musical history is there because of the dedication and hard work of the tapers. Can you imagine getting on the bus NOW and not having the opportunity to listen to all the old shows?
Getting on the bus in '98 would not have been possible without those shows guiding me in like gatekeepers. I would have never gone to that show at Nassau if I hadn't heard those tapes. My life would have been so different without this music and community.
The tapers are our historians. They are a huge part of what has kept this music alive for so many decades. Sure, there's the studio albums but we all know that's not where it's at with this band. The tapers are the reason I can hear Jerry, Brent, Pigpen and Vince even though I got on the bus a little late. Where would I be? I think about it a lot, especially lately. Where would I be without this music and community? It's the pigment enhancer in the tapestry of my life, it makes everything brighter and more colorful.
Being able to put on a show anytime I want to, relive one I was at or travel back in time and listen to Jerry, man...I really owe a lot to the tapers. You guys are amazing and thank you. Listening to this music has healed my soul, my heart, has been a light in the's been the soundtrack of my life so many ways. But without those tapes...that wouldn't have been possible.
This tour, man, you guys are putting up those shows on the archives within hours. That shit is incredible. I mean, this tour has been one of their best. Getting up in the morning and going to archive and giving them a's just...I mean thank you, again and always.
So, from the bottom of heart, thank you to all the tapers and archivists: past, present and future. All of you folks are very much appreciated and loved. Thank you for all you do! 💗🌹🌈🖖⚡
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2021.09.16 20:04 Wolfofwallstreet00 .000008 LETS GOOOO. Pump it!

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2021.09.16 20:04 7tresvere What are some issue that librarians and libertarians could find common ground?

Maybe banning books?
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2021.09.16 20:04 zfreakazoidz Both bomb sites going off in Dust. Well.... in Teardown!

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2021.09.16 20:04 wifisoulja 517 til the grave, ___ at ya brain

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2021.09.16 20:04 Educational_Term_436 (The predator challenge concept) the items you use are bloodhound bowcheck ark star sentinel (probably more detail in description lol )

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9pm NY will be posted...NSRadar is the moderator...please make the transfer to help us out if you plan to attend...
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2021.09.16 20:04 RanttNJ PS5 Need Big for 3s 70%win

add me
Rant_About_Me psn
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2021.09.16 20:04 Rougegorgon This was planted by the previous owners. First time it's flowered in 10 years...what is it?!? Bloomed mid-July on Vancouver Island (zone 8a).

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2021.09.16 20:04 ewwink Please Decrease Night Witch Hitpoints

4 VS 6 Elixir, it cannot die with Fireball + zap/snowball
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2021.09.16 20:04 proto3296 Tournament Standard Console?

What do y’all think will be the tournament standard console? Or will cross platform be inherently good enough to allow people to not drop at all when play console to PC or PlayStation to Xbox?
Praying it isn’t the switch lol. Even tho I love my switch it’s just so weak and it drops so many frames whenever it feels like. PC is my hope but I know it’s a long shot. If it’s on PC it’s easiest way to mod voices in.
Anyways what’s y’all thoughts ?
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2021.09.16 20:04 supremedbulldog 2.2l 2001 chevy S10 manual rwd

Hey guys just wanted to see if any of the other mechanics on this form know of an easier way to remove the pan on my chevy S10. I have alot of expierence on vehicles but i cant seem to find a way around removing the engine mounts and lifting the motor just like the book says just want to see if anyone had a similiar expierence and knows of a simpler solution thank you in advance
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