Books reading order without the Robots Series

2021.09.16 21:59 VigneshS072 Books reading order without the Robots Series

I don't usually like detective books and tv series. I tried reading the Robot series by Isaac Asimov and completed the first one and the short story collection but don't have the interest to move on.
I am following the definitive rading order (15 books) by Asimov. Can I continue the series without reading the Robot series or is that a must read?
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2021.09.16 21:59 Effective-Basket-872 Windsor Kitchenette

is there a kitchenette or kitchen sink/cleaning area on every floor of windsor like it is at hillenbrand? Or is it on main kitchenette for all the buildings?
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2021.09.16 21:59 MichaelWBrennan Thank you for joining the sub!

Thank you!
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2021.09.16 21:59 Skrt_Goat Faces Balloonerism Theory

In the wake of Faces being announced to be put on streaming services, I did a little research of its lost partner, Balloonerism. Balloonerism is a lost Mac album, that has been solely leaked. It was supposed to be a precursor to Faces, i know bc the OG Uber(w/o Mike Jones) and OG colors and shapes being on it. So, my theory is that Balloonerism may be surprise released along with Faces, or soon after. These 2 are like Swimming and Circles, I think, like reflections of each other or something like that. Like how Circles was sad and singing based and Swimming being more rapping focused. Here, I think its flipped, with the first work being sadder and more si ging based, and the second being more rap based. I havent listened to Balloonerism all the way through yet, but ive heard a bit from each song, and it should be a sister project to Faces. Im about to listen to the 16 track version(I saw one tracklist with 50+ songs on it), ill post my thoughts in the comments.
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2021.09.16 21:59 JazzyJohn4343 Favorite brands / sites?

What are your guys' favorite brands of aftermarket parts or sites you like to window shop from?
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2021.09.16 21:59 Paranoiadestroyer 'Charity launches first dedicated helpline for people who struggle to sleep'

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2021.09.16 21:59 Spontaneous323 Staining a fence. How do I stain around gate hardware and does time of day matter?

I'm staining my fence for the first time (old fence, but not sure it's ever been stained). I cleaned it and gave it time to try so now it is ready. How do I stain around the gate hardware? I'm just using a roller, no spray. Do I tape it off and try my best to cut around it? I'm thinking if stain gets on it, I'll just wipe it off easily.
Also, would time of day really matter? It just crossed my mind that at night there is condensation/morning dew. Just thinking if I were to stain in the evening and finish right around when the sun is down, then it could cause the stain to not dry properly? Is this going to matter?
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2021.09.16 21:59 vampiresssuck Barkha Singh is inviting you for a night 🥵💦😋 What would you do with her???

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2021.09.16 21:59 chapayev2 Game Review : Chapayev 2 - Best Online Checkers 3D Board Game

Game Review : Chapayev 2 - Best Online Checkers 3D Board Game
Thank you so much Jarrett, for taking time to share your experience. We loved that you enjoyed the game so much. Keep Playing.
Download & Play now New Classic Checkers 3D Board Game.
Android :
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2021.09.16 21:59 Morgan_Miller Stocks, crypto or forex? A guide to where to start

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2021.09.16 21:59 thekirbykid2006 someone unironically said this in a discord server i'm in

okay, Ik this is gonna sound weird but, I need y’all help with something. I can’t stop thinking about farts. What I mean by that is, whenever I look at a piece of fanart, I feel like there’s always this timer in the back of my head pretty much saying that if I look at it for too long I’ll start imagining the character farting or smelling a fart or doing some other gross thing that involves something like shit or farting or piss. Sometimes my brain just forces me to imagine a character farting or shitting or something. It’s gotten to a point where doing certain things like putting math problems into a calculator at school causes me to pretty much forcefully restrain these forced thoughts. It’s because of this that I force myself to not think of these characters in any way while I do something like take a shit on the toilet. And no, it isn’t a fetish. I don’t get turned on by farts and feces. If anything it’s been fucking with/sorta ruining stuff that DOES turn me on. This is different than a fetish. It’s worse. And now it’s gotten to the point where I’m mentally fighting myself because my brain is gaslighting me to think that now I’m doing it to, for lack of a better term, give myself an example of this shit, but it’s also like maybe it’s right? It’s so tiring.
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2021.09.16 21:59 justsomefeels xl. yours free. lmk before I donate~

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2021.09.16 21:59 konighaus71 BEST OFF BASE LIVING

If cost was not an issue, where would you rent off post/base? What area has the best homes regardless of price!
Are there any water front homes? The only thing I need is a fenced in yard!
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2021.09.16 21:59 OmigawdMatt In your opinion, what components of Arise is a step down compared to previous titles?

I'm at the end of the 5th realm and feel this game is absolutely phenomenal. If I really had to find flaws, it'd be nitpicky at this point:

  1. There are less types of enemy species. The ones that are still here are just color swapped. Some of the sea and plant enemies in past games seemed like staples that have been taken out in Arise, or even some of the weird ones like the talking flower monsters in Symphonia were unique and fun to battle.
  2. Comical skits are less in this game. It's always fun to watch our party members tease / joke with each other because it gives a humorous side to a character. Most of the skits are them reiterating how they feel after each scene, some of which feel like they should have been a part of the main story.
They aren't major issues though, just things to nitpick over a game that is considerably one of my favorites in recent years.
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2021.09.16 21:59 nsaha234 Thomas Partey liked an insta story mention which said Kondogbia is better than him

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2021.09.16 21:59 Gorrila_Doldos PsBattle: this frozen pea frisbee

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2021.09.16 21:59 piercemyclit Help me pick my next piercing! This is my current visible piercings! Nostril, septum, 2 forward helix and 2 lobe on right and tragus with 3 lobe on left. Open to more facial piercings!

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2021.09.16 21:59 Got_Clickbaited Bataleon Evil Twin, Fun Kink or Goliath?

Hey y'all
I'm thinking of getting a new board for next season. Im looking to have some more fun on the slopes by getting into some buttering and park. With that i mean messing around with some 180's and 360's on the slope, some switch riding and some small jumps in the park. I consider myself to be an intermediate rider, but new to freestyle riding. I will use the board for a long time since i only use it one or two weeks a year. Therefore i would like the board to keep me busy for a while. What board would fit my needs best? The Evil Twin is on sale (30% off) for all that matters. Besides what board to get i am not sure on the size either. For the past few years i used a 163W board. The bataleon boards i'm looking for are available up to 159W in the shops i have acces to. I am 192cm or 6"3 tall, and weigh around 95-100kg or 210-220lb. I know freestyle boards are preferably a bit smaller than all mountain boards, but will 159W be long enough for me (keeping the buttering and small jumps in mind)?
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2021.09.16 21:59 ShotAd9905 💨Mini Marlboro💨 | Fair Launched September 16th | 🚀 Next x100 moonshot | Locked liquidity | 🔥 Low start MCap gem 2.8k | Join us 📌

📊Contract: 0xc38fc266174d979a8d00b97648a61696545f02e7
🎉After we got attacked by a bot at the start off our jurney, our project is still alive and well, and we shall rise stronger then ever from the ashes off our MiniMarlboros. The team is ready to take the lift off, do not miss this opportunity for an easy 100x for your investments, the marketing phase is just starting!
⚠️Marketing plan:
• Huge cms every day
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• And another big influencers sponsor
• No Private Sale
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• 8% For to do strong Marketing
🔗 Links related to HEROFIEGG
-📜Contract 📜:0xc38fc266174d979a8d00b97648a61696545f02e7
💫 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.16 21:59 RecklessKay Can someone answer me these [history]

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2021.09.16 21:59 BillFireCrotchWalton Nicki Minaj is beefing with leftist Twitch streamer after she posted anti-vaxx misinformation and defends Tucker Carlson. r/PoliticalCompassMemes discusses.

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2021.09.16 21:59 BornInCanadaWhiteGuy The cost of an average Toronto home is slated to go up another $50K in just two months

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2021.09.16 21:59 Abject_Dragonfly252 Photo Editor and Collage Maker For Xiaomi Mi A1 Phones!

App Name in the Play Store: Pichype - Photo Editor: Pic, Collage Maker & Meme Link: LINK
Key features:
⭐️ Rotate and Crop✦ Take a photo of any size with crop.✦ Crop photo freely (in multi aspect ratios).✦ Crop photo to adapt for social media ratios. Best presets app for Instagram.✦ Rotate photo to a perfect angle, horizontal, vertical etc.✦ Photo filter app for Instagram with ultra-fast rotate and crop tools.
⭐️ Adjust✦ Improve your photo in just a couple of clicks
⭐️ Filter✦ 25 most needed filters
⭐️ Add text to photos✦ Write any text, change its color and size or texture.✦ Over 150 fonts!✦ Shadows Text✦ Setting the background of the text
⭐️ Stickers✦ The best and selected stickers just for you. The best meme stickers photo editor!✦ Create memes with Meme Stickers✦ Create conversational memes easily!
⭐️ Add Image✦ Add to your photo, stickers or image
⭐️ Overlay✦ Make your photo more interesting with lots of textures
⭐️ Fit✦ Also the ability to set the background
⭐️ Modification✦ Expansion or Increase photo
⭐️ Brush✦ Change the size of the brush, its transparency and color.✦ Use stickers like a brush✦ Use neon in the brush, make your photo cool!
⭐️ Mosaic✦ Blur or pixelate the photo where you want it
⭐️ Splash✦ Remove color from a photo in the right place
⭐️ Photo Collage✦ More than 10 layouts with the ability to set Border and Ratio✦ Background, Gradient, Blur
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2021.09.16 21:59 BrandenJ29 Can’t connect to printer network.

I have a school math assignment that my teacher said I had to print out and I can’t do it online since I’m quarantined right now, and I’m using an HP DeskJet 3752 and I looked it up and it says you have to connect to the printers wi fi, not connect the printer to your wi-fi. But the printers wi-fi does not appear on my networks, wtf do I do? I’m on an iPhone if that matters.
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2021.09.16 21:59 Fondled_Dongle When does UBC update us on our GPA according to their conversion?

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